Kirill Alekseenko triumphs in Rilton Cup Print
Monday, 08 January 2018 17:10
Even though it was the last round of Rilton Cup it offered a lot of exiting and decisive games on the top boards! All of the top 8 boards ended with a decisive result!

The final on board one between GM Johan Salomon, Norway, and GM Kirill Alekseenko, Russia, started off with a sharp opening where black's king was forced to stay in the center, but in what look like a promising position for the Norwegian a series of inaccurate moves were played and white more or less self destructed and lost after 24 moves. 

The result made it impossible for anyone to catch up to Alekseenko and the winner of Rilton Cup had been decided. Congratulations to Alekseenko, a worthy winner! 

GM Kirill Alekseenko from Russia. Photo: Lars OA Hedlund.

On the second board GM Allan Stig Rasmussen from Denmark won his game as white against GM Kacper Piorun, Poland, who had been very solid throughout the tournament. The Swedish favourite GM Nils Grandelius lost his game as white, on board three, against GM Mikhail Al. Antipov, Russia. Very unfortunate for all the Swedish fans.

The Junior World Champion GM Aryan Tari, Norway, also lost his game as white, on board four, against GM Maksim Chigaev, Russia. A very good day for the Russians. Rasmussen, Antipov and Chigaev all ended up with 7 points and after the tiebreaks it was clear that all of the medals went to Russians. Chigaev took second place and Antipov third place. 

In Rilton Elo things got very exciting at the end and three players got 7.5 points, Maciej Janiszewski, Poland, Gleb Babanin, Russia, and Ulf Wallgren from Sweden. After the tiebreaks Janiszewski came out on top before Babanin and Wallgren got third place.

The Winner of Rilton Elo Maciej Janiszewski, Poland. Photo: Lars OA Hedlund.

Rilton 1800 was won by Anton Agrest, Sweden, with 6.5 points out of 7. Peter Silins, Sweden, got second place before Martin Strömgård, Sweden, both with 6 points.

The Winner of Rilton 1800 Anton Agrest, Sweden. Photo: Lars OA Hedlund.

Three players managed to get an IM-norm: Rasmus Thogersen, Denmark FM Esat Baglan, Turkey FM Shah Fenil, India

WIM Mai Narva got a WGM-norm and both WFM Anastasia Sazonova, Russia, and WFM Giang Nguyen, Australia, got a WIM-norm. 

The Rilton Committee and Stockholm's Chess Federation would like to say thank you to all of the participants, arbiters and everyone else who has helped out and made these tournaments possible.

A special thanks to everyone who has follow Rilton Cup either online through the live stream with your host FM Martin Lokander or at the venue and the commentary room with IM Jonathan Westerberg.

Welcome back to a new edition of Rilton Cup next Christmas!

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