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Friday, 14 July 2006 00:00
The new chess center named after Ataturk was launched on 9th of July in Ankara by Turkish Chess Federation. Deputy President of FIDE and President of Greek Chess Federation Mr. Georgios Makropoulos, Deputy Prime Minister of Turkish Republic Mehmet Ali Sahin, President of Turkish Chess Federation Mr. Ali Nihat Yazici participated at the Opening. . Turkish chess federation's dream came true! The new chess center named after Ataturk was lauched on 9th of July in Ankara by TCF. All guests were surprised by this well furnished and well equipped center. .

The new chess center

Just two years ago, Turkish Chess Federation did not have any movable properties or immovables. During the autonomy period Turkish chess has made important investments and developments. The last example of these is the biggest and the most contemporary federation centre among the amateur sports federations in Turkey, and the biggest chess library and also the chess centre in Turkey were opened at the same time only one year later it came up to agenda.

After the ceremonial speeches, Ataturk Chess Center's opening started. Deputy Prime Minister of Turkish Republic Mehmet Ali Sahin, Deputy President of FIDE Georgios Makropoulos, Minister of Industry and Trade Ali Coskun and President of Turkish Chess Federation Ali Nihat Yazici cut the red tape all together and openned the wonderfull center.

TCF won high praises from Deputy President of FIDE and President of Greek Federation Mr. Georgios Makropoulos. Mr. Makropoulos said: ''FIDE has 155 active federations, we were arguing about the most developing federation among us till 2000, however last 6 years we haven't argued because Turkish Chess Federation is the most developing federation in the world''. Deputy President of FIDE expressed that: the development had two reasons; one of them is Ali Nihat Yazici, his management and the other reason is the politicians who support him.
The Deputy Prime Minister of Turkish Republic Mehmet Ali Sahin has impressed his opinion to see Mr.Makropoulos in Ankara, considering that he and Mr.Yazici was counter parts in FIDE elections. He has told that this should be a universal example of fair play and peace in the world for all sports.

Deputy Prime Minister of Turkish Republic Mehmet Ali Sahin started his speech by expressing that it was the first time that a federation had purchased its own estate after the Football Federation in Turkey.
Sahin stated 44 federations became autonomous in General Management of Youth and Sports and he said: ''we are supporting autonomy because everything may develops in free environment. Develop but, move with the rules. Chess Federation had important developments with the autonomy''. Deputy Prime Minister Sahin meaned that chess is an art of planing and seing the future and chess is necessary for politicians because they are preparing the future of the country.

President of TCF Ali Nihat Yazici made a speech before the opening and expressed the importance of autonomy in Turkish Sports, and added ''the number of the player was 3000 in 2000 has increased to 150.000 in this year and 12.000 teachers had been trained and joined us as coach just in the last summer''.
He also mentioned that ''after bureaucratic problems were solved, the income from sponsorships has increased above all expectations''. President Yazici said ''chess was started to teach as an elective course in primary schools and this is the point chess became rising star of Turkish Sport''.
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