Rest of the World Beats Russia 52 to 48 for decisive 4-pt margin Print
Sunday, 08 September 2002 00:00
The Rest of the World Team beat Russia 5.4:4.5 in the 9th round then drew the 10th round 5:5 to win overall 52:48.
Games can be seen live on the official site The Rest of the World Team beat Russia 5.4:4.5 in the 9th round then drew the 10th round 5:5 to win overall 52:48.
Round 10

1 Smirin, Ilia (ISR)             0-1    Dreev, Alexey (RUS)
2 Bareev, Evgeny (RUS)         1/2-1/2  Leko, Peter (HUN)
3 Gelfand, Boris (ISR)         1/2-1/2  Grischuk, Alexander (RUS)
4 Karpov, Anatoly (RUS)          1-0    Polgar, Judit (HUN)
5 Anand, Viswanathan (IND)     1/2-1/2  Kasparov, Garry (RUS)
6 Ponomariov, Ruslan (UKR)     1/2-1/2  Kramnik, Vladimir (RUS)
7 Morozevich, Alexander (RUS)  1/2-1/2  Ivanchuk, Vassily (UKR)
8 Radjabov, Teimour (AZE)        1-0    Zvjaginsev, Vadim (RUS)
9 Khalifman, Alexander (RUS)   1/2-1/2  Short, Nigel D. (ENG)
10 Shirov, Alexei (ESP)          1-0    Svidler, Peter (RUS) 
Round 9 Morozevich and Grischuk, two point scorers of the Russian team, suffered losses in Round 9 against Peter Leko and Alexey Shirov, respectively. The Rest of the World team beat Russia 5.5-4.5 to maintain their one point lead.
Round 9
1 Dreev, Alexey (RUS)           1/2-1/2  Radjabov, Teimour (AZE)
2 Leko, Peter (HUN)               1-0    Morozevich, Alexander (RUS)
3 Grischuk, Alexander (RUS)       0-1    Shirov, Alexei (ESP)
4 Azmaiparashvili, Zurab (GEO)  1/2-1/2  Khalifman, Alexander (RUS)
5 Kramnik, Vladimir (RUS)       1/2-1/2  Anand, Viswanathan (IND)
6 Kasparov, Garry (RUS)         1/2-1/2  Ponomariov, Ruslan (UKR)
7 Ivanchuk, Vassily (UKR)       1/2-1/2  Bareev, Evgeny (RUS)
8 Rublevsky, Sergei (RUS)       1/2-1/2  Smirin, Ilia (ISR)
9 Short, Nigel D. (ENG)           0-1    Karpov, Anatoly (RUS)
10 Svidler, Peter (RUS)         1/2-1/2  Gelfand, Boris (ISR) 
Round 8 Akopian dealt Kasparov another loss while Gelfand beat former World Champion Alexander Khalifman to power the Rest of the World Team to a 6:4 win over the Russian squad in the eighth round of their titanic match. The Rest of the World Team now leads the match with 41.5 against 38.5 leaving the Russians 3 points behind. Russia, with the higher average rating, still has a chance to turn the tables around in tomorrow`s last two rounds. Round 7 Israel`s Ilya Smirin scored a big upset over Vladimir Kramnik in the 7th round to let the Rest of the World team hold on to its slim one point lead. Russia and the Rest of the World drew rounds 6 and 7. The score now stands at 35.5 for the Rest of the World and 34.5 for Russia.
Games can be seen live on the official site
Round 8
1 Anand, Viswanathan (IND)  1/2-1/2  Bareev, Evgeny (RUS)
2 Zvjaginsev, Vadim (RUS)   1/2-1/2  Polgar, Judit (GM) (HUN)
3 Radjabov, Teimour (AZE)   1/2-1/2  Rublevsky, Sergei (RUS)
4 Svidler, Peter (RUS)      1/2-1/2  Ivanchuk, Vassily (UKR)
5 Akopian, Vladimir (ARM)     1-0    Kasparov, Garry (RUS)
6 Karpov, Anatoly (RUS)     1/2-1/2  Shirov, Alexei (ESP) 
7 Grischuk, Alexander (RUS) 1/2-1/2  Leko, Peter (HUN)
8 Ponomariov, Ruslan (UKR)  1/2-1/2  Morozevich, Alexander (RUS)
9 Dreev, Alexey (RUS)       1/2-1/2  Azmaiparashvili, Zurab (GEO)
10 Gelfand, Boris (ISR)       1-0    Khalifman, Alexander (RUS) 

Round 7 

Russia 5:5 Rest of the World

Bareev, Evgeny         1/2:1/2   Ponomariov, Ruslan
Ivanchuk, Vassily      1/2:1/2   Grischuk, Alexander
Karpov, Anatoly        1/2:1/2   Gelfand, BoriS
Kasparov, Garry        1/2:1/2   Radjabov, Teimour
Khalifman, Alexander   1/2:1/2   Shirov, Alexei
Kramnik, Vladimir        0:1     Smirin, Ilia
Leko, Peter            1/2:1/2   Svidler, Peter
Morozevich, Alexander  1/2:1/2   Anand, Viswanathan
Polgar, Judit            0:1     Dreev, Alexey
Short, Nigel D.        1/2:1/2   Rublevsky, Sergei

Round 6

Russia 5:5 Rest of the World

Azmaiparashvili, Zurab 1/2:1/2   Grischuk, Alexander
Gelfand, Boris           1:0     Dreev, Alexey
Karpov, Anatoly        1/2:1/2   Ivanchuk, Vassily
Kasparov, Garry        1/2:1/2   Short, Nigel D.
Khalifman, Alexander   1/2:1/2   Leko, Peter
Kramnik, Vladimir      1/2:1/2   Polgar, Judit
Ponomariov, Ruslan     1/2:1/2   Svidler, Peter
Radjabov, Teimour        0:1     Morozevich, Alexander
Shirov, Alexei           1:0     Motylev, Alexander
Smirin, Ilia             0:1     Bareev, Evgeny
Round 5 Breaking her losing streak, Judit Polgar scored the biggest upset by downing World No. 1 Gary Kasparov as the 5th round ended in a 5:5 draw.
Karpov dealt rising start Peter Leko his first loss as did Svidler in beating Anand. Russia trails the Rest of the World 24.5 to 25.5 at the halfway mark of the 10-board Scheveningen Match.
Games can be seen live on the official site
Round 5
1 Bareev, Evgeny         (UKR)    1-0    Short, Nigel D. (RUS) 
2 Motylev, Alexander     (RUS)    0-1    Gelfand, Boris (ISR) 
3 Leko, Peter            (HUN)    0-1    Karpov, Anatoly (RUS)
4 Svidler, Peter         (RUS)    1-0    Anand, Viswanathan (IND)
5 Polgar, Judit (GM)     (HUN)    1-0    Kasparov, Garry (RUS)
6 Grischuk, Alexander    (RUS)  1/2-1/2  Ponomariov, Ruslan (UKR)
7 Dreev, Alexey          (RUS)  1/2-1/2  Shirov, Alexei (ESP)
8 Akopian, Vladimir      (ARM)    0-1    Kramnik, Vladimir (RUS)
9 Bareev, Evgeny         (RUS)    0-1    Radjabov, Teimour (AZE)
10 Ivanchuk, Vassily     (UKR)    1-0    Rublevsky, Sergei (RUS)
11 Morozevich, Alexander (RUS)    1-0    Smirin, Ilia (ISR) 
Round 4 Gary Kasparov showed the way with a quick win against Alexey Shirov. The Russian Team narrowed the gap to one point with a 5.5:4.5 beating of the Rest of the World in round 4. Russia trails 19.5:20.5. Grischuk and Morozevich won for Russia over Short and Radjabov, respectively but the rampaging Leko and Ponomariov got even with wins over Motylev and Khalifman. Games can be seen live on the official site
1 Svidler, Peter         (RUS)  1/2-1/2  Smirin, Ilia (ISR)
2 Azmaiparashvili, Zurab (GEO)  1/2-1/2  Bareev, Evgeny (RUS)
3 Karpov, Anatoly        (RUS)  1/2-1/2  Anand, Viswanathan (IND)
4 Ivanchuk, Vassily      (UKR)  1/2-1/2  Dreev, Alexey (RUS) 
5 Kasparov, Garry        (RUS)    1-0    Shirov, Alexei (ESP)
6 Kramnik, Vladimir      (RUS)  1/2-1/2  Gelfand, Boris (ISR)
7 Leko, Peter            (HUN)    1-0    Motylev, Alexander (RUS)
8 Khalifman, Alexander   (RUS)    0-1    Ponomariov, Ruslan (UKR)
9 Short, Nigel D.        (ENG)    0-1    Morozevich, Alexander (RUS)
10 Grischuk, Alexander   (RUS)    1-0    Radjabov, Teimour (AZE)
Russian Team bounces back in Rd. 3 The Russian team beat the Rest of the World 5.5-4.5 in Round 3 to cut the lead of the young challengers. The Rest of the World team leads 16:14 after three rounds.
Morozevich beat Akopian, Bareev crushed Short and Svidler punished Radjabov to spearhead the Russian assault. But Shirov won over Kramnik while Ponomariov scored against Zvjaginsev to narrow the team loss down to a point.
1 Smirin, Ilia          (ISR)  1/2-1/2  Grischuk, Alexander (RUS) 
2 Morozevich, Alexander (RUS)    1-0    Akopian, Vladimir (ARM) 
3 Anand, Viswanathan    (IND)  1/2-1/2  Khalifman, Alexander (RUS) 
4 Motylev, Alexander    (RUS)  1/2-1/2  Ivanchuk, Vassily (UKR) 
5 Gelfand, Boris        (ISR)  1/2-1/2  Kasparov, Garry (RUS) 
6 Shirov, Alexei        (ESP)    1-0    Kramnik, Vladimir (RUS) 
7 Dreev, Alexey         (RUS)  1/2-1/2  Leko, Peter (HUN)
8 Ponomariov, Ruslan    (UKR)    1-0    Zvjaginsev, Vadim (RUS)
9 Bareev, Evgeny        (RUS)    1-0    Short, Nigel D. (ENG)
10 Radjabov, Teimour    (AZE)    0-1    Svidler, Peter (RUS) 
Yesterday, 8 Sept. 2002: Viswananthan Anand of India scored a perfect 2:0 in the first two rounds of the Russia vs. Rest of the World Match to anchor his team to 3 point lead in what is turning out to be a match of surprises. Anand beat Russian champion Alexander Motylev in the first round then followed up two hours later with a victory against Vadim Zyvagintsev. Rising star GM Peter Leko of Hungary celebrated his birthday by holding to draws the two highest rated players, Vladimir Kramnik in round 1 and then Gary Kasparov in round 2. The Rest of the World team won 6:4 in the first round then followed up with a 5.5-4.5 win in the second round to lead 11.5-8.5. Round 1 Bareev, Evgeny (RUS) - Shirov, Alexei (ESP) 1/2-1/2 Short, Nigel D. (ENG)- Svidler, Peter (RUS) 1/2-1/2 Motylev, Alexander (RUS) - Anand, Viswanathan (IND) 0-1 Ivanchuk, Vassily (UKR) - Kasparov, Garry (RUS) 1-0 Karpov, Anatoly (RUS) - Smirin, Ilia (ISR) 0-1 Rublevsky, Sergei (RUS) - Ponomariov, Ruslan (UKR) 1/2-1/2 Leko, Peter (HUN) - Kramnik, Vladimir (RUS) 1/2-1/2 Khalifman, Alexander (RUS) - Radjabov, Teimour (AZE) 1/2-1/2 Polgar, Judit (GM) (HUN) - Grischuk, Alexander (RUS) 0-1 Morozevich, Alexander (RUS) - Gelfand, Boris (ISR) 1/2-1/2 Round 2 Gelfand, Boris (ISR) - Bareev, Evgeny (RUS) 0-1 Grischuk, Alexander (RUS) - Short, Nigel D. (ENG) 1/2-1/2 Anand, Viswanathan (IND) - Zvjaginsev, Vadim (RUS) 1-0 Kasparov, Garry (RUS) - Leko, Peter (HUN) 1/2-1/2 Radjabov, Teimour (AZE) - Karpov, Anatoly (RUS) 1-0 Ponomariov, Ruslan (UKR) - Motylev, Alexander (RUS) 1/2-1/2 Kramnik, Vladimir (RUS) - Ivanchuk, Vassily (UKR) 1/2-1/2 Smirin, Ilia (ISR) - Khalifman, Alexander (RUS) 1/2-1/2 Rublevsky, Sergei (RUS) - Polgar, Judit (GM) (HUN) 1-0 Shirov, Alexei (ESP) - Morozevich, Alexander (RUS) 1-0 Over two thousand spectators watched the opening day&rsquos hostilities. FIDE President Kirsan Ilyumzhinov welcomed participants to the match. The ceremonies for the first move were graced by former World Champions Boris Spassky and Vassily Smyslov. Vassily Ivanchuk of Ukraine scored the upset of the day against World No. 1 Gary Kasparov of Russia. Ivanchuk was Challenger in the last World Championship Match against compatriot and eventual winner Ruslan Ponomariov, On the Russian side, former World Champion Anatoly Karpov stumbled twice, losing to Israel&rsquos Ilya Smirin in the first round and than also against youthful Teimour Radjabov in the second round On the Rest of the World team, the lone woman player, Judit Polgar of Hungary, dropped two points against Alexander Grischuk and Sergei Rublevsky. Each team has two reserves who can substitute for any player on the team but cannot play twice against the same regular board opponent. The tournament is a Scheveningen Match over ten boards. Rounds 3, 4 and 5 are scheduled 16:00, 18:00 and 20:00 tomorrow, 9 September. Games may be seen live on the official site
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