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Tuesday, 29 April 2008 13:33



Szeged (HUN), 13th - 22th June 2008

To all European Chess Federations affiliated to FIDE and ECU:

On behalf of the Hungarian Chess Federation we have the pleasure to confirm the organization of the European Team Championships for boys and girls (born after 01.01.1990), under the auspices of the European Chess Federation (ECU).


All European National Federations affiliated to FIDE/ECU are kindly invited to participate in the European Youth Team Championships which will be held in Szeged, 13th - 22th of June 2008.

Aim of the Tournaments:

The HCF intends to provide boys and girls during their vacation for a competition in order to promote their chess development, and - at the same time - for organized holidays in a pleasant youth summer resort at river Tisza. The General Assembly of European Chess Federation (ECU) was in favour of having such a European Youth Team Championships U-18. This tournament is declared as official European event.


The official venue is the youth holiday resort in Szeged (Novotel Hotel Szeged, Maros str. 1.), situated on the south side of river Tisza. The 2 and 3 bed rooms are properly furnished, have bathrooms and separate toilets. Cafe and cocktail bar, pool and sauna, river-side facilities etc. are in common use. The resort has its own closed parking place.


Each European National Federation affiliated to FIDE/ECU has the right to be represented by one or more boy's team of four players and one reserve and by one or more girl's team of two players and one reserve player.


Written registrations should be sent to the organizers before 5th of May 2008.
Deadline to send team lists of 5 boys (4 players and 1 reserve) for the boy's competition and 3 girls (2 players, and 1 reserve) for the girl's competition should be sent until 15th May 2008.

Cost of the participants:

Entry fee is 100 Euro for each team, payable to ECU.
Travel costs: will be covered by the visiting federations.
Szeged can be reached by means of public transportation (bus, railway). From Budapest Airport (Ferihegy) and railway stations the organizing committee offers special buses on demand to the price of 25 Euro/person/one way.

Price of full board: 360 Euro/person for the duration of the event. Accommodation in 2 and 3 bedded-rooms (The organizers will distribute the rooms depending on number of delegations).

Breakfast (Swedish-table): 7 - 9 am
Lunch (menu): 1 - 2,30 pm
Dinner (menu): 7 - 9 pm

Program of the tournament:

Arrival and registration 13 June
Technical meeting 9 am 14 June
Opening ceremony 2.30 pm 14 June
1st to 6th rounds from 3 pm 14-20 June
Free day 18 June
7th round from 1.30 pm 21 June
Closing ceremony 8 pm 21 June
Departure 22 June


The tournament shall be held in 7-rounds SWISS system with one free day.
General Rules of Play: FIDE "Regulations for the European Team Championship" hold.
Schedule: all moves in 90 min + after each move 30 sec additional time.
Writing the moves on the score sheets till the last move is compulsory.
Pairings according to Chapter D. II. 07a of the FIDE Handbook.
Appeals committees for the boy's and girl's tournament shall be appointed by the technical meeting.

Scoring: final standing will be decided according the game points the team members achieved.

The final standing of teams in tie will be decided as follows:

- by the sum of game scores of all the team’s opponents,
- by the number of match points won (2 points for match won, 1 point for a match drawn)
- by the sum of game scores of all opponents with which a draw result has been achieved.
- same as former point, but excluding the two opponents with the highest and with the lowest game points. In case of a repeated tie this point should be iterated.
Each member of the winning, second and third placed teams shall be given gold, silver and bronze medals, respectively.
Trophies for the first three placed teams and for players with the best individual results on the separate boards will be awarded by the organizers and sponsors.

Organizing Committee’s Chairman:
Marti, Gyorgy International Arbiter

Chief Arbiter:
GM Horvath, Jozsef International Arbiter

Fazekas, Gyorgy International Arbiter
Herpai, Jozsef National Arbiter

H-1055 BUDAPEST, Falk Miksa utca 10.
tel: (36-1) 311-6616
fax: (36-1) 331-9738
e-mail: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Bank account:

Bank name: MKB Bank Rt.
Bank address: 1054 Budapest, Szent Istvan ter 15.
IBAN: HU39 1030 0002 2021 9877 0000 3285
Account holder: Magyar Sakkszovetseg
Address: H-1055 Budapest, Falk Miksa u. 10.

Please download Invitation in PDF format.
Please download Registration form in Excel format.
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