First Saturday August Tournaments Have Started Print
Sunday, 03 August 2008 13:47

nagy lszl 0410_2.jpgWe have started today (2nd of August) our First Saturday tournaments in Budapest in the Hungarian chess federation.

We have 64 players out of the following countries: HUN, ENG, GER, CUB, ESP, POL, VIE, NOR, LIT, MNE, FIN, FRA, TUR, NED, CHN, SRB, USA, BEL, alltogether 18 countries.

We have the GM group with 2425 ELO average, the GM-norm is out of 12 games 9 points.

We have 2 IM groups, the IM-A has 11 players, the ELO average is 2310, the
IM-norm out of 10 games 7 points.

In the IM-B group we have 10 players, the ELO average is 2293, the IM-norm out of 9 games is 6.5 points.

We have 3 FIDE master groups, in the FM-A group the ELO average is 2069, in the FM-B 2052, in the FM-C - 1759.

On Wednesday 6th of August the sales manager of the HOTEL CITY INN Budapest will visit our events, maybe to elaborate some kind of cooperation?

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