Final Press Release on First Saturday Budapest March GM Tournament Print
Friday, 20 March 2009 11:11
Birthday present at First Saturday March:
Pap Gyula (HUN) celebrates his 18th birthday hitting the GM-norm for the First time at First Saturday Budapest March GM tournament. Against average of opponents 2452 he scored 6.5 of nine games with TPR 2618. All his opponents were title holders with 3 GM-s amongst.

Pap Gyula (HUN)

There were no other norms done but 12 year old Rapport Richard (HUN) whose coach was GM Peter Lukacs was only one point shy of his second IM-norm. First he reached it at Harkany (HUN) last November scoring 6.5 of nine games against a 2367 average of opponents.

Another bright spot was the participation of WGM Corke Anya, Champion of HKG in the IM-A group. She came from the most faraway but not in vain. She collected 16 FIDE-Elo points against strong men's field.

Corke Anya, Champion of HKG
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