China Adds Rapid Team to Gold Tally in Asian Indoor Games Print
Saturday, 07 November 2009 11:32
ocalogoChina beat Vietnam to win gold in the 3rd Asian Indoor Games Rapid Team Championship in Halongbay, Vietnam. India and Uzbekistan settled for the bronze medal in the Olympic Council of Asia event.

The Chinese team with their gold medals, mascot, certificate and flowers.

Fifteen countries participated in the 9-round Swiss System preliminaries of the rapid team competition. China, Vietnam, India and Uzbekistan finished in the top four to qualify into the semifinals. China finished way ahead with 8.5 match wins followed by Vietnam with 7 and India and Uzbekistan with 6 match wins each.


Above is Vietnam Team. See for the results of all Asian Indoor Games chess events. Download games at the Asian Chess Federation web site.


Bronze medalists Indian team with officials.

In the two round semifinals, China beat Uzbekistan twice while Vietnam drew 2-all in the first round and beat India in the second to set the stage for a China-Vietnam rematch. Earlier Vietnam beat China in the Blitz Team competition.


The Uzbekistan team shared the bronze medal.

In the finals, China beat Vietnam 2.5-1.5 in the first round on wins by Wang Yue and Hou YIfan in the women's half. In the second game, China won by the same score on wins by Ni Hua and Zhao Xue.

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