Chennai Open 2010 Round 4 Print
Thursday, 28 January 2010 02:29
The Chennai Open 2010, the prestigious international grandmaster chess tournament sponsored by LIC and ONGC, supported by Government of India and Sports Development Authority of Tamil Nadu and organized by Sports Promotion Foundation had seen its 4th round played on Wednesday. With 18 GMs and 28 IMs in the fray, the number of players in the tournament has reached 387. In addition to the GMs and IMs, 11 FMs, three WGMs, 3 WIMs and 5 WFMs have confirmed their participation.

Untitled Indians are in the forefront, as three of them R. Sidharth of Tamil Nadu, Ankit Rajpara of Maharashtra and Anwesh Upadyaya of Orissa lead with four points each, along with three foreign grandmasters and two Philippino international masters at the end of the fourth round of the LIC & ONGC sponsored Chennai Open 2010 international chess tournament, organized by Sports Promotion Foundation at the Multipurpose Indoor Stadium, Chennai today. Ankit Rajpara continued his good show beating M.S. Thej Kumar, international master from Karnataka and Anwesh accounted for another IM Anup Deshmukh of LIC.

On the top board, Maxim Turov employed his favourite Caro Kann defence against P. Shyam Nikil of Tamil Nadu, a former under 17 national champion. Maxim gained a pawn on the 17th move and capitalized an unnecessary knight sacrifice by Shyam on the 23rd move. Shyam resigned fourteen moves later. In an equal position arising from a Queens Gambit Declined game, former under 25 national champion B.T. Muralikrishnan of Railways played a weak f3 move against Ziaur Rehman of Bangladesh on the second board. Eleven moves later, Murali lost a pawn and soon the game also.

The inauguration of Chennai Open, GM Krishnan Sasikiran on the far left

Delhi youngster Vaibhav Suri upset the apple cart of GM Pavel Kotsur of Kazakhstan in a French defence game by handling his knight and rook well.

Marat Dzhumaev of Uzbekistan played a steady game against Vikramaditye Kamble of Railways and gained a minor piece in the process. Both marched their pawn to the seventh rank, but Marat’s rook was better placed and Kamble’s rook could not prevent his opponent’s pawn from promotion. Marat won in 43 moves.

The day belonged to Ankit Rajpara again. In a queen and equal pawn ending, Ankit’s b- pawn raced towards the eighth rank, when Thej surrendered. Anwesh forced Anup to lose his knight and threatened to queen the pawn. Anup resigned when he was about to lose one more pawn. Top seeded Eshan Ghaem Maghami of Iran again conceded a draw to Arun Karthik of Chennai to reach 3 points. Highly rated GM, S. Arun Prasad of PSPB had to be content with a draw against Chennai’s young player S. Kaushik.

By R.Anantharam, International Arbiter & Media Incharge

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Round 4 standings:
1. GM Rahman Ziaur BAN 2548 - 4
2. IM Dimakiling Oliver PHI 2435 - 4
3. GM Dzhumaev Marat UZB 2515 - 4
4. IM Bitoon Richard PHI 2458 - 4
5. Siddharth R IND 2424 - 4
6. Anwesh Upadhyaya IND 2400 - 4
7. GM Turov Maxim RUS 2584 - 4
8. Ankit R  Rajpara IND 2298 - 4
9. IM Lalith Babu M R IND 2457 - 3.5
10. GM Manik Mikulas SVK 2435 - 3.5
11. IM Roy Chowdhury Saptarshi IND 2413 - 3.5
12. GM Kravtsiv Martyn UKR 2545 - 3.5
13. GM Jumabayev Rinat KAZ 2536 - 3.5
14. GM Gutov Andrey RUS 2444 - 3.5
15. IM Prakash G B IND 2389 - 3.5
16. IM Girinath P D S IND 2370 - 3.5
17. GM Deepan Chakkravarthy J IND 2492 - 3.5
18. IM Saptarshi Roy IND 2407 - 3.5
19. IM Babu N Sudhakar IND 2330 - 3.5
20. Vaibhav Suri IND 2326 - 3.5
21. Kulkarni Chinmay IND 2339 - 3.5
22. GM Kryakvin Dmitry RUS 2575 - 3.5
23. Palit Somak IND 2386 - 3.5
24. GM Zubarev Alexander UKR 2544 - 3.5
25. Shivananda B S IND 2396 - 3.5
26. Swayams Mishra IND 2340 - 3.5
27. WGM Mohota Nisha IND 2330 - 3.5
28. GM Sundararajan Kidambi IND 2526 - 3.5
29. Swapnil S  Dhopade IND 2429 - 3.5
30. IM Priyadharshan K IND 2362 - 3.5
31. Stany G A IND 2349 - 3.5
32. IM Ashwin Jayaram IND 2434 - 3.5 etc

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