Croatian Chess Championship to be decided in tiebreak match Print
Saturday, 30 January 2010 20:04
The Croatian Chess Championship was held on 18-28th January at the Open University in Otočac. Twelve players, all but one with Grandmaster rank, competed in the round robin tournament. The Championship is officially valid for the year 2009, and top four finishers will qualify for the 2010 event. The prize fund is 10.000 EUR.

The last round was set to determinate the winner after an exciting race between GM Ivan Šarić, the 2007 U18 European Chess Champion and the 2008 U18 World Youth Chess Champion, and GM Alojzije Janković, who both entered the final round with 7.5 points each and were paired to play one against another.

However, the two leaders made a quick 13-moves draw and postponed the decision on who will be the next state champion. According to the tournament regulations, there will be a four-game additional match between Šarić and Janković, but the timetable is still unknown. In case of a tied match, the title goes to the player with better additonal criteria in the main tournament, and in this case it is Šarić.

Final standings:
1. GM Šarić Ivan 2586 and GM Janković Alojzije 2541 - 8,0
3. GM Šulava Nenad 2539 - 6,5
4. GM Stević Hrvoje 2614 - 6,0
5-6. IM Martinović Saša 2499 and GM Jovanić Ognjen 2533 - 5,5
7-9. GM Kožul Zdenko 2617, GM Cvitan Ognjen 2554 and GM Palac Mladen 2563 - 5,0
10-11. GM Zelčić Robert 2557 and GM Jovanović Zoran 2537 - 4,0
12. GM Brkić Ante 2564 - 3,5

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