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Tuesday, 07 February 2012 08:45
Igor Lysyj and Marina Romanko became the winners of Cup of Russia stage

A dramatic final was open tournament of RSSU Cup «Moscow Open 2012» – National Cup stage among men.

Leading in the second part of the tournament Russian Dmitry Kokarev in the last round lost to his compatriot Igor Lysyj and let him the head the table. The winner scored 7,5 points, half-point more than his three competitors.

Three Russian chess-players shared 2-4 places: Dmitry Kokarev, Ernesto Inarkiev and 15 years old Urii Eliseev – due to tie-breaks.

10 chess-players scored 6,5 each.

190 participants from 15 countries including 62 international grandmasters took part in competition.

Russian Marina Romanko has win the stage of the Cup of Russia among women – «Moscow Open 2012». In last round chess player from Moscow had to win, unique among participants from the lead group, that allowed her to scores 7.5 points, and edge the rivals by half of point.

The 4-7 places were shared by the participants who have scored 7 points. On tie-breaks the second place was won by the Chinese Huang Qian, the third – Russian Daria Charochkina. Russians Kovanova Baira, Elmira Mirzoeva, Ekaterina Atalik from Turkey and Nazi Paikidze from Georgia did not enter into medal-winners.

The competition was spent by the Swiss system with 9 rounds. 154 chess players from 11 countries, including 14 grandmasters struggled for a victory.

Suren Poghosyan won RSSU Amateur Chess Cup

Suren Poghosyan from Armenia, won the most numerous tournament of «Moscow Open 2012» – RSSU Amateur Chess Cup. During the nine rounds he lost one point only.

Six participants from Russia scored 7.5 points and are half-point behind the leader. Anatoliy Lopukhin from Penza became second due to tie-breaks, Muscovite Gleb Apryshko became third.

Alexander Zhurikhin from Penza, Muscovites Konstantin Kostin and Arsen Kukhmazov, Nariman Mustafin from Yakutiya are behind the medal-winners.

415 players whose rating was under 2300, from 16 countries participated in the competition.

Vasily Papin won RSSU Student Cup

Granmaster Vasily Papin from Shakhty, Rostov region was out of competition at RSSU Cup "Moscow Open 2012" among students. Without loses he scored 7 points.

Sergey Matsenko from Chelyabinsk scored 6,5 points and became second but due to tie-breaks he outrun Muscovite Alexander Kharitonov who had the same result.

Valeriya Ryanova from Saratov, Yulia Gorozhankina from Zelenodolsk and Muscovite Anastasia Zaryvkina scored 5.5 points each – best result among women. Due to tie-breaks «gold» was given to Ryanova, «silver» – Gorozhankina, «bronze» – Zaryvkina.

46 chess-players from 5 countries participated in the competition.

Moreover in the tournament among school graduates succeeded Ruslan Avdeev from Rybinsk and Sergei Savitskiy from Salekhard, in the round tournament they scored 7.5 points out of 9. Due to tie-breaks the victory was given to Avdeev. «Bronze» was taken by Gennady Pranizin from Salekhard, he scored 6 points.

Yaroslav Zherebukh and Nino Batsiashvili was victorious in RSSU Student Grandmaster Cup

Being victorious in his last six games in a row, Ukrainian grandmaster Yaroslav Zherebukh won RSSU Student Grandmaster Cup among men within the program of International RSSU Chess Cup «Moscow Open 2012». Ukrainian chess-player scored 7 points out of 9. Russian Maxim Matlakov scored 6 points and became second.

In the final round Zherebukh overplayed Russian Alexei Reshetnikov, Matlakov had a draw with American Ray Robson, who scored 5,5 points and became third.

Avetik Grigoryan from Armenia scored 5 points and became fourth.

Georgian Nino Batsiashvili won RSSU Student Grandmaster Cup among women. One round before finish she scored half-point more than her main competitor Nastassia Ziaziulkina from Belarus and held her leadership till the end.

In the end Batsiashvili scored 7 points which is half-point more than silver medalist Nastassia Ziaziulkina. In the final round Georgian chess-player defeated Russian Dina Drozdova. Ziaziulkina overplayed Russian Alina Kashlinskaya.

Karina Szczepkowska-Horowska from Poland won bronze medal, having a draw in the game with Russian Alexandra Goryachkina in the final round, and scored 6 points.

Alexandra Goryachkina scored 5,5 points – half-point less than bronze winner, - the best result among Russians.

Moreover, Ziaziulkina and Goryachkina fulfilled the grandmaster norm.

Igor Lysyj

Russian Marina Romanko has win the stage of the Cup of Russia among women – «Moscow Open 2012»

Suren Poghosyan from Armenia, won the most numerous tournament of «Moscow Open 2012» – RSSU Amateur Chess Cup

Yaroslav Zherebukh won RSSU Student Grandmaster Cup among men

Nino Batsiashvili - chess-player from Georgia, winner of RSSU Student Grandmaster Cup among women

Granmaster Vasily Papin is a winner at RSSU Cup "Moscow Open 2012" among students

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