GM Maxim Turov wins the Open in Hamburg Print
Tuesday, 10 April 2012 21:44

The 12th International Osterturnier was played over 9 rounds of Swiss system from 5th to 9th April at the Parkhotel Norderstedt in Hamburg, Germany. The organizers have provided the prize fund of 15.000 EUR. Top prizes are 2500/1700/1300/1000/800/600/400/300 EUR etc.

130 players compete, among them being 12 Grandmasters.

Five players shared the first place with 7 points each: GM Turov Maxim 2658, GM Huschenbeth Niclas 2509, GM Neiksans Arturs 2524, GM Vorobiov Evgeny 2580 and FM Motuz Karol 2366.

Tata Steel C and Agzamov Memorial winner Maxim Turov is declared champion on best tie-break.

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