14th Open Internacional d'Escacs Vila de Salou Print
Monday, 30 April 2012 16:05
chess newsThe 14th Open Internacional d'Escacs Vila de Salou is organized by the Chess Club Salou on 3-11th May at Cala de la Font, in Salou, Tarragona, Spain. The tournament will be a nine-round Swiss event and a part of the 9th Catalan Chess Circuit.

1st round: Thursday, Day 3, at 16:30.
Round 2: Friday, August 4 at 16:30.
Round 3: Saturday, day 5, at 09:30 h.
4th round: Saturday, day 6, at 16:30.
5th round: Monday, November 7, at 16:30.
Round 6: Tuesday, Day 8, at 16:30.
Round 7: Wednesday, November 9, at 16:30.
8 th round ,Thursday day 10, at 16:30.
Round friday 9 th, 11 th, at 09:30 h.
Distribution of prizes at 16:30. aprox.
PACE OF PLAY: 90 minutes, with an increment of 30 seconds per move.
PRESENTATION: On Wednesday, May 2, at the headquarters of the tournament, accreditation and 20:00 h.
presentation and welcome cocktail.

RULES: Participants must know and apply where necessary, RULES
SPECIAL ITEMS WITH FIDE FOR VISUALLY IMPAIRED. Failure to comply may result in the loss of the game and expulsion from the tournament
EVALUATION: The tournament will be valid for obtaining rating and FIDE rules, FEDA and FCE.
REGISTRATION: The Tournament Director Mr. Francesc Liñan i Serra, phone +34 616094289 or
This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it , which confirm the participation in the tournament.

FREE SUBSCRIPTION: GM, WGM, guests and the organizing club players.
Participants closed registration, should review the correct registration through the publication of those registered on the website of http://chess-results.com. Claims can be made until the 2nd of May at 12:00 h.

Be delivered in strict order of ranking, on May 11, from 16:30 h. and are not severable or cumulative, DELIVERING A COPY OF DNI, NIE or passport. In case of duplication will be delivering the largest amount and if this is the same, that of its category. These awards will apply retention established by law.

1,200 - euros and trophy
750 - euros and trophy
450 - euros and trophy
300 - Euro (DSA)
150 - Euro (DSA)
100 - Euro (DSA)
100 - Euro (DSA)
100 - Euro (DSA)
100 - Euro (DSA)
100 - Euro (DSA)
For stretches of ELO FIDE (according to rules of the Circuit Català)
From 2150 to 2299
1) 100 € and trophy
2) 50 €
From 2000 to 2149
1) 100 € and trophy
2) 50 €
From 1850 to 1999
1) 100 € and trophy
2) 50 €
Less than 1850
1) 100€ and trophy
2) 50 €
Players of the organizing club                         Females
Trophy                                                            1) 100 - Euro and trophy
Trophy                                                            2) 50 - Euro and trophy
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