16th "Battle of Senta 1697" Open Chess Tournament Print
Saturday, 21 July 2012 21:34
Senta_chessThe 16th "Battle of Senta 1697" Open Chess Tournament was held on 14-21st July at the elementary school "11th November" in Senta, Serbia. The tournament was organized by the Chess Club Senta and Municipality of Senta.

The main Open A tournament had 49 participants. Grandmasters Evgeny Gleizerov and Imre Balog shared the first place with 7 points each. Gleizerov takes the winner's trophy thanks to better tie-break score.

Open A final standings:
1-2. GM Gleizerov Evgeny RUS 2565 and GM Balog Imre HUN 2542 - 7.0
3. IM Nestorovic Dejan SRB 2404 - 6.5
4-8. IM Matsenko Sergei RUS 2460, FM Vujic Mihailo SRB 2357, IM Arsovic Goran SRB 2426, FM Zivkovic Sava SRB 2340 and Stankovic Milos SRB 2369 - 6.0
9-11. FM Dragovic Momcilo SRB 2364, IM Andrijevic Milan SRB 2345 and Tancik Kristijan SRB 2289 - 5.5 etc

The Open B, reserved for the players rated U2200, had 101 participants. 16-years old Milutinovic Stefana (SRB 1896), Stosic Slobodan (SRB 2170), Smirnov Boris (RUS 2143) and Zivkovic Momcilo (SRB 2136) shared the first place with 7 points each. Milutinovic is declared winner on tie-break and earns 60 elo points.

Tournament director was Csaki Gaspar, chief arbiter was IA Brindza Istvan.

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