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Wednesday, 25 July 2012 04:38
The 3rd Oliver Gonzalez Memorial will take place on 1-9th September at the "Daóiz y Velarde" Sport Pavilion in downtown Madrid, Spain. The tournament will have two groups - Open A and Open B, both being 9-round Swiss competitions.

Information and registration

Every player must indicate name, surname, FIDE code and the TOURNAMENT that he/she chooses (if applicable).
- On-line Registration form
- IA Daniel Rodríguez del Pino (Chief Referee): This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it  
- Leonardo Pérez-Aranda: (0034) 686178502

§  Entry Fees:     General – 35 euros
Youngsters and Veterans – 25 euros
Players with GM / IM / FM, o FIDE ELO ≥ 2.300 – Free

Assistance and special conditions for GMs – limited funds. Consult with organizers ( This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it )

§  Registration Deadline: 31st August at 21:00 CET

§  Later registrations: Registration after the deadline but before the beginning of the Tournament  will be considered as a rest day (BYE) for the first round.
§  Mean of Payment: Bank transfer. IBAN: ES45 2100 2285 81 0200201680 (Account Holder: “A.R.P.A.”).  Specify the name of the player.
§  Entry fee can be paid at the venue until 1 hour before the beginning of the 1st round,  with an additional charge of 10 Euros.



1)  Dates: 1 to 9 September 2012

2)  System of Play: 9-round Swiss Tournament. 

3)  Timetable: 

Round 1

Saturday, September 1, at 17:00

Round 2

Sunday, September 2, at 17:00

Round 3

Monday, September 3, at 18:00

Round 4

Tuesday, September 4, at 18:00

Round 5

Wednesday, September 5, at 18:00

Round 6

Thursday, September 6, at 18:00

Round 7

Friday, September 7, at 18:00

Round 8

Saturday, September 8, at 17:00

Round 9

Sunday, September 9, at 10:00

Playing Venue:  “Daóiz y Velarde” Sport Pavilion

  Avda. Ciudad de Barcelona nº 162. Madrid

Metro Station: Menéndez Pelayo (L1) / Pacífico (L1, L6).

Train: Atocha (national and regional connections)

EMT Local Buses # 8, 10, 24, 37, 54, 57, 136, 141, 310

5)  Rate of Play:  90 minutes to finish + 30 seconds per move

6)  Tie-Breaks:  1º Bucholz -2 (removing two worst scores)
  2º Bucholz Total
  3º Progressive
  4º Performance
  5º Particular score
  6º Drawing

*** For the calculation of Bucholz, real points will be counted (without FIDE correction); therefore, byes are counted as zero. ***

7)  Special Categories:  Veterans – born in 1952 or before
Youngsters –born in 1994 or later
Under 16 – born in 1996 or later
Under 14– born in 1998 or later
Under 12– born in 2000 or later


*** Age will be verified by means of official documentation

*** To the purpose of rating prizes and participation in the Tournament B, the higher ELO FIDE and FEDA on the two last lists – August 1 and September 1 – will be considered.

*** No prizes will be given for categories with less than 4 players

8)  The players can take a maximum of 4 BYES (rest rounds of 0.5 points). BYES are only possible for the FIRST SIX ROUNDS and should be requested in a written form before the end of the 1st round

Players inscribed after the deadline will be provided with one out of these four byes for the first round.

9)  Agreement for a draw in less than 30 moves is not allowed for players upper 50% of points.

10)  60 minutes waiting shall be applied for default wins.

11)  A player with two default losses will be expelled from the Tournament. First round defaults could also mean a player forfeit.

12)  Entry fee should be paid before the beginning of the 1st round; otherwise, participation won’t be allowed.

13)  Every player should verify his/her correct registration in the Tournament. The final ranking list will be published on August 31. The organizers can refuse the registration of a player.

14)  Registration in the Tournament involves the acceptation of these Regulations. Rules and recommendations for FIDE tournaments will be applied by subsidiarity. In case of dispute, the Spanish version of the regulations (published on this web site) will prevail.


Prizes are subject to tax deductions in accordance with current legislation.

Prizes are not cumulative, with the exception of Special Prize Óliver González Somoza. This prize is open to all the players in the Memorial (both A and B Tournaments). If a player wishes to opt to this Special Prize, he/she must deliver an analysis of his/her combination before the last round. The organizers will appoint a jury to award this Special Prize.


1)  The Tournament is open to all federated players. Valid for FIDE and FEDA ratings and international norms.

2)  Prizes:

§  General Standings:                         1º  1,500  Euros and trophy

  2º  1,200  Euros and trophy

  3º  1,000  Euros and trophy

  4º  750  Euros 

  5º  500  Euros 

  6º  450  Euros 

  7º  400  Euros 

  8º  350  Euros 

  9º  300  Euros 

  10º  250  Euros 

  11º  225  Euros 

  12º  200  Euros 

  13º  150  Euros 

  14º  125  Euros 

  15º  100  Euros 

§  FIDE rating < 2.300:                         1º  100  Euros 

§  Women:                                               1º  100  Euros

§  Veterans:                                             1º  100  Euros

§  Youngsters:                                         1º  100  Euros


1)  The Tournament is open to federated players with FIDE and FEDA ratings equal or under 2100, or without ELO. To this purpose, two last lists published will be taken into account: August 1 and September 1.

2)  Valid for FIDE and FEDA ratings.

3)  Prizes:

§  General Standings:  1º  500  Euros and trophy

                                                           2º  300  Euros and trophy

                                                           3º  200  Euros and trophy

 4º  150  Euros 

                                                           5º  100  Euros 

§  FIDE rating < 2.000:  1º  60  Euros 

§  FIDE rating < 1.900:  1º  60  Euros 

§  FIDE rating < 1.800:  1º  60  Euros 

§  Women:  1º  60  Euros

§  Veterans:  1º  60  Euros

§  Under 16:                                       1º  75  Euros* and trophy

                                                           2º  50  Euros* and trophy

                                                           3º  25  Euros* and trophy

§  Under 14:                                       1º  75  Euros* and trophy

                                                           2º  50  Euros* and trophy

                                                           3º  25  Euros*and trophy

§  Under 12:                                       1º  75  Euros* and trophy

                                                             2º  50  Euros* and trophy

                                                             3º  25  Euros* and trophy

(*) Prizes for categories Under16, Under14 and Under12 are in gift coupons.

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