NIT Nagpur International GM Open Chess Tournament 2012 Print
Thursday, 04 October 2012 02:01
chess newsThe NIT Nagpur International GM Open Chess Tournament 2012 will take place from 15th to 23rd October at the Naivedhyam Recreation Center, North Ambazari Road, in Nagpur, India.

The event is organized by the Nagpur District Chess Association, under the auspices of Vidarbha Chess Association, Maharashtra Chess Association & AICF.

The tournament will be conducted as per FIDE Laws of Chess and FIDE Swiss System with 11 rounds.

The total prize fund of Rs. 15,00,000 (approx 22,200 EUR) will be distributed to 30 regular and 36 special prizes (Elo categories, Women, Veteran, Juniors, Nagpur). The winner will take 4400 EUR.

The tournament can be combined with the Vizag Grandmasters International Open which will take place from 25th October to 4th November in Visakhapatnam.

AICF Registration for 2012-13 is compulsory for all Indian participants. Registration fee of Rs.250/- will be accepted at the venue for the convinience of the players.

For Maharashtra players MCA Registration is for 2012-13 is compulsory. Registration fees of Rs 120/- will be accepted at the venue for the convenience of the players.

Free dormitory lodging will be provided to all participants. GMs 2600 and and above will be provided single AC Rooms and rest GMs, WGMs, IMs, and WIMs will be provided with rooms on twin sharing basis along with free boarding.

For further details contact:
1. Mr. Manoj Itkelwar 91-9823326949
2. Mr. A.P Joshi 91-9850370660
3. Mr. Swapnil Bansod 91-9021481749
4. Mr. Umesh Panbude 91-9822721386
5. Mr. R.N. Shriwas 91-9922318007
6. Mr. K.K. Barat 91-9422174490