Anastasia Savina Wins the RSSU Student-grandmaster Cup Print
Wednesday, 13 February 2013 02:29
Anastasia Savina Wins the RSSU Student-grandmaster Cup

The 16-year-old Dinara Saduakasova was unable to remain at the top of the table in the students grandmaster tournament. The Kazakh chess player, who was in the lead throughout the entire tournament, lost to Irina Vasilevich (Russia) in the final round, allowing two participants - Anastasia Savina and Olga Girya,  who won in the 9th round against their rivals, to catch up.

All three players scored 6 points, but the tie-breaker rules smiled upon Savina, who was declared the winner of the tournament. Silver went to Girya, and Saduakasova took only the bronze.

Other players finished in the following order: Daria Pustovoitova (Russia) - 4.5, 4th; Irina Vasilevich (Russia) - 4.5, 5th; Anastasia Zezyulkina (Belarus) - 4, 6th; Karina Szczepkowska-Horowska (Poland) - 4, 7th; Varvara Saulina - (Russia) - 3.5, 8th; Enhtuul Altanulzi (Mongolia) - 3.5, 9th; Dina Drozdova (Russia) - 3, 10th.

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