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Saturday, 02 March 2013 12:24

The Reykjavik Open 2013 came to an end. Pavel Eljanov and Wesley So arrived to the last round as leaders and it took them just 3 moves to sign a draw. The players decided to go for a share of the first prize instead of risking losing it all.

Out of the six players that were in position to catch up with them, Egyptian GM Amin Bassem was the one who joined them at the top.

Ivan Cheparinov played against the youngest GM in the world, Wei Yi. The Bulgarian was a rook down, but had two pawns  and the initiative for it. At move 37, he went for a perpetual check to save the draw.

Óttarr Proppé of the city council welcomed guests to the closing ceremony and said the city was delighted with the tournament proceedings. Agreeing with him was minister of Education and Culture, Katrín Jakobsdóttir who gave away the prizes along with the members of the Icelandic Chess Federation.

Gunnar Björnsson president of the ICF then closed the ceremony and proclaimed that he was looking very much forward to next years edition which is the 50 year anniversary of the Reykjavik Open.


Main Prizes:

Prizes were split according to the Hort-system with the highest Bucholz receiving more money.

    1. Pavel Eljanov 8 v. (€3. 875)
    2. Wesley So 8 v. (€2.375)
    3. Bassim Amin 8 v. (€2.000)
    4. Anish Giri 7,5 v. (€603)
    5. Ivan Cheparinov 7,5 v. (€503)
    6. Wei Yi 7,5 v. (€428)
    7. Marcin Dziuba 7,5 v. (€378)
    8. Ding Liren 7,5 v. (€378)
    9. Yaacov Norowich 7,5 v. (€378)
    10. Gawain Jones 7,5 v. (€378)
    11. Ivan Sokolov 7,5 v. (€203)

Additional prizes:


    Sopiko Guramishvili 6,5 v.
    Svetlana Cherednichenko 6 v.
    Tan Zhongyi 6 v.

Five female players also had 6 points but were behind on Bucholz.



    Wei Yi 7,5 v.
    Tari Aryan 6,5 v.
    Dinara Sadukassova 6 v.

Jón Kristinn Þorgeirsson also had 6 points but worse tiebreak

Rating Category(2201-2400):

    Svetlana Cherednichenko 6,5 v.
    Tari Aryan 6,5 v.
    Magnus Wahlbom 6,5 v.

Rating Category(2001-2200):

    Richard Bjerke 6 v.
    Jón Þór Bergþórsson 6 v.
    Fredrik Palmqvist 5,5 v.

Magnús Pálmi Örnólfsson, Kjartan Maack and Gylfi Þórhallsson also had 5,5 points.

Rating Category under-2000:

    Jón Kristinn Þorgeirsson 6 v.
    Kiaras Pretterhofer 5,5 v.
    Nökkvi Sverrisson 5,5 v.

Mikael Jóhann Karlsson also had 5,5 but worse tiebreak
Best performance according to own rating:

    Nansý Davíðsdóttir (341)
    Símon Þórhallsson (255)
    Tinna Kristín Finnbogadóttir (252)

For interest here are also the people gaining the most elo points:

    Jakob Alexander Petersen (47)
    Símon Þórhallsson (43)
    Richard Bjerke (42)
    Dagur Kjartansson (35)
    Daði Ómarsson (34)
    Jón Kristinn Þorgeirsson (32)
    Dagur Kjartansson (31)
    Gauti Páll Jónsson (30)
    Mikael Helin (30)
    Trond Jackobsen (29)

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