Mumbai Open - Round 10 Print
Wednesday, 05 June 2013 13:01
IM Swayams Mishra (ELO 2406) of Orissa upset GM Timoshenko Georgy (ELO 2522) of Ukraine, while GM Akshayraj Kore (ELO 2508) of Pune defeated IM Ravichandran Siddharth (ELO 2361) to leapfrog into joint second position with 7.5 points at the end of the penultimate round of the Rs 21.5 lakh prize money 6th Mumbai Mayor International Chess Tournament 2013, hosted by The National Sports Club of India and co- sponsored by LIC of India, being played in the indoor stadium of National Sports Club of India, here, on Wednesday.

Meanwhile, the top slot is occupied by three players with 8 points, the overnight leader GM Pantasulaia Levan (ELO 2563) of Georgia joined by two others, namely top seed GM M. Mekheil (ELO 2645) and 2nd seed GM Amonatav Farrukh (ELO 2616) of Tajikistan, followed by GM Akashayraj Kore, IM Swayansh Mishra and GM Andriasian Zaven (ELO 2608) of Armenia with 7.5 points.

IM Swayams Mishra played aggressively in his match against GM Georgy Timoshenko, which started in Nimzo Indian Defense, breaking his opponent by castling on the 9th move and preferred to keep his King in the centre to activate all his pieces. Timoshenko resigned in 30 moves when he saw his mate was imminent.

GM Kore playing with black against IM Ravichandran played 2 knights defense against the Italian game. Akshayraj made castling, which gave the advantage to Ravichandran, but he played a wrong 15th move which neutralized the position. On the 17th move he played awrong Queen move which made him loose the game in the 29th move.

Akshayraj Khore - Ravichandra Siddharth

There are 4 Indian players with chances of a Grandmaster Norm if they win the final round on Thursday.

The game between the erstwhile leader Levan and GM Andriasian , which started in Grunfeld Defense ended in a quick draw in 13 moves as both were not keen to take any chances.

The top seed Mekheil played with white against GM Gagunashvili Merab (ELO 2592) of Georgia in King’s Indian defense, where he castled long. He managed to get a passed pawn on G file, forcing his opponent to resign in 48 moves.

The 2nd seed Farrukh defeated GM Babujian Levon (ELO 2488) of Armenia in Sicilian defense, where Farrukh brilliantly maneuvered his Knight 12 times to create 2 passed pawns on C and D file.

In the Under 2100, Ramkrishna Perumalla (ELO 2086) and Jalpan Bhat are joined at the top by Mumbai lad Snehal Bhosale, with 8.5 points after 10 rounds.

The results:
GM Andriasian Zaven (2608) 7½ drew with GM Pantsulaia Levan (2563) 7½ ; GM Amonatov Farrukh (2616) 8 bt GM Babujian Levon (2488) 7; GM Mchedlishvili Mikheil (2645) 8 bt GM Gagunashvili Merab (2592) 6½ ; IM Swayams Mishra (2406) 7½ bt GM Timoshenko Georgy (2522) 6½; IM Ravichandran Siddharth (2361) 6½ lost to GM Akshayraj Kore (2508) 7½; GM Vaibhav Suri (2535) 6½ drew with IM Rajesh V A V (2343) 7; GM Petrosian Davit G. (2436) 6 lost to GM Zubar Alexander (2559) 7; GM Papin Vasily (2552) 7 bt IM Udeshi Aditya (2416) 6; IM Sangma Rahul (2382) 7 bt GM Kunte Abhijit (2507) 6; GM Harutjunyan Gevorg 2455 7 bt GM Ziatdinov Raset (2348) 6

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