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Thursday, 01 August 2013 14:21
Alexander Ipatov
The Deutsche Schule Kapstadt was this year’s proud host of the international chess tournament – “DSK International Chess Open 2013” which ran from the 19-29 July.

Junior world champion Alexander Ipatov from Turkey played impressively to finally get 8/9 points and leave second placed Sergei Tiviakov a whole point behind.

His 2777 performance will be enough to add 17 points to his Elo rating in the next official FIDE list.

Ipatov only conceded draws to the other two favorites of the event, Marc Arnold (USA) and Sergei Tiviakov (Netherlands). The young Turkish player won the rest of his games.

Precisely, Tiviakov and Arnold, finished in clear second and third places.

The best South African representative was FM Daniel Cawdery, who finished in shared seventh place with an even score of 4.5/9.

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Final Standings:

1 GM Ipatov Alexander TUR 2583 8
2 GM Tiviakov Sergei NED 2654 7
3 GM Arnold Marc T USA 2525 5.5
4 IM Gwaze Robert ZIM 2433 5
5 GM Tischbierek Raj GER 2422 5
6 GM Kasparov Sergey BLR 2470 5
7 IM Emojong Elijah UGA 2311 4.5
8 FM Cawdery Daniel RSA 2345 4.5
9 GM Haznedaroglu Kivanc TUR 2417 4
10 IM Gluckman David RSA 2250 3.5
11 FM Van Den Heever Donovan RSA 2280 3.5
12 IM Kobese Watu RSA 2343 3
13 FM De Villiers Charles RSA 2255 3
14 FM Solomons Deon RSA 2179 1.5
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