India National Under-11 (Open & Girls) Chess Championship-2013 Print
Wednesday, 11 September 2013 19:09
New Delhi (10 Sep 13) :-   As expected, top seeds Ram Aravind of Tamilnadu and Priyanka Nutakki of Andhra Pradesh clinched the titles after beating Barath M of Goa and Lakshmi C of Tamilnadu respectively in the eleventh and final round in the National Under-11 Chess Championship-2013, which concluded here at Ludlow Castle Sports Complex on today.

Playing with black pieces, Ram had some anxious moments in the match as he faced stiff resistance from his Goan rival but managed to secure full point to take his point tally to ten. He won nine and drawn two in this eleven round Swiss System tournament to lift the coveted trophy with an unbeaten record.  

While in the girl’s section, Priyanka easily overcame her final round rival without much struggle in 37 moves to register her tenth win in the tourney. The only lose she suffered in the event from the hands of Samridhaa Ghosh of West Bengal in the fourth round. Samridhaa finished fifth in the championship with seven and half points.


Vantika Agrawal brought cheers to home crowd by securing the runner-up position in the girl’s section with nine points after beating Krystal Fernandes of Goa in the final round. Odisha duo Salonika Saina and Anwesha Mishra tied for the third spot but better tie break score helped later to finish as second runner-up.  

Meanwhile in the Open section, four players including local hope Aansh Gupta tied for the second spot with eight and half points but better Buccholz tie break score helped Rahul Srivatshav of Andhra Pradesh to finish second while second seed Saurabh Anand of Bihar, who beat Rahul in the final round to finish third.  Neelash Saha of West Bengal and Aansh Gupta of Delhi satisfied with fourth and fifth spot finish.

In a colourful closing ceremony, Shri. Bharat Singh Chauhan, Chief Executive Officer All India Chess Federation give away the prizes in presence of Shri. AK Verma, Secretary Delhi Chess Association, Shri. Sudarshan Kumar, Secretary Himacal Pradesh Chess Association, Shri. Atul Kumar, Secretary Jammu & Kashmir Chess Association and Shri. Shambu Ved, Secretary Delhi Gujarati Samaj.


Final Standings (Open) :-
1.    Ram Aravind L N of Tamilnadu with 10 points
2.    Rahul Srivatshav of Andhra Pradesh with 8.5 points
3.    Saurabh Anand of Bihar with 8.5 points
4.    Neelash Saha of West Bengal with 8.5 points
5.    Aansh Gupta of Delhi with 8.5 points
6.    Bhavik Bharambe of Maharashtra with 8 points
7.    Praggnanandhaa R of Tamilnadu with 8 points
8.    Koustav Chatterjee of West Bengal with 8 points
9.    Prajesh R of Tamilnadu with 8 points
10.    Sadhu S Adithya of Tamilnadu with 8 points

Final Standings (Girls) :-
1.    Priyanka Nutakki of Andhra Pradesh with 10 points
2.    Vantika Agrawal of Delhi with 9 points
3.    Anwesha Mishra of Odisha with 8 points
4.    Salonika Saina of Odisha with 8 points
5.    Samriddhaa Ghosh of West Bengal with 7.5 points
6.    Lakshmi C of Tamilnadu with 7.5 points
7.    Divya Deshmukh of Maharashtra with 7.5 points
8.    Krystal Fernandes of Goa with 7.5 points
9.    Adyasa Mahapatra of Odisha with 7.5 points
10.     Palkin Kaur of Delhi with 7.5 points

Open Round-11 :-  Barath M of Goa (8) lost to Ram Aravind of Tamilnadu (10); Saurabh Anand (8.5) beat Rahul Srivatshav of Andhra Pradesh (8.5); Bhavik Bharambe of Maharashtra (8) lost to Aaansh Gupta of Delhi (8.5); Praggnanandhaa R of Tamilnadu (8) drew with Sadhu S Adithya of Tamilnadu (8); Neelash Saha of West Bengal (8.5) beat Aronyak Ghosh of West Bengal (7.5); Vatsal Singhania of Jharkhand (7.5) lost to Koustav Chatterjee of West Bengal (8); Samal Ansuman of Odisha (8) beat Iniyan P of Tamilnadu (7); Prajesh R of Tamilnadu (8) beat Pranab Kumar Patra of Odisha (7); Subhasis Barik of Odisha (7.5) drew with Rudraksh Parida of Odisha (7); Anshul Nigam of Jharkhand (6.5) lost to Sankarsha Shelke of Maharashtra (7.5); Harshvardhan G B of Tamilnadu (7) drew with Aditya Basu of West Bengal (7); Nihal Sarin of Kerala (7) drew with Amitansu Priyadarsan of Odisha (7); Lokesh Hans of Hayana (7) drew with Tarun V Kanth of Tamilnadu (7); Manoj B Kulkarni of Karnataka (6.5) lost to Ritam Nag of West Bengal (7.5); Cheela Naga Sampath of Andhra Pradesh (6.5) lost to Shuban Saha of West Bengal (7.5).

Girls Round-11 :-  Lakshmi C of Tamilnadu (7.5) lost to Priyanka Nutakki of Andhra Pradesh (10); Krystal Fernandes of Goa (7.5) lost to Vantika Agrawal of Delhi (9); Anwesha Mishra of Odisha (8) beat Tejasvi M of Tamilnadu (7.5); Salonika Saina of Odisha (8) beat Rutvi Shah of Gujarat (7); Adyasa Mahapatra of Odisha (7.5) drew with Samriddhaa Ghosh of West Bengal (7.5); Riddhi Zantye of Goa (7.5) beat Shyamshree Sarkar of West Bengal (7); Palkin Kaur of Delhi (7.5) beat Arushi Kotwal of Jammu & Kashmir (6.5); Bommini Mounika Akshaya of Andhra Pradesh (6.5) lost to Sanskriti Goyal of Uttar Pradesh (7.5); Divya Deshmukh of Maharashtra (7.5) beat Bidisha Roy of Jharkhand (6.5); Pooja S of Tamilnadu (7.5) beat Kalyani B of Andhra Pradesh (6.5); Srimathi R of Tamilnadu (6.5) drew with Ashna Makhija of Maharashtra (6.5); Jishitha D of Andhra Pradesh (6) lost to Meenakshi Bhoite of Maharashtra (7); Kruthika K R of Tamilnadu (7) beat Priyanka Naryan of Karnataka (6); Kiruthika B of Tamilnadu (6.5) drew with Pracheta Agarwal of Jharkhand (6.5); Niyati Parakh of Chhattisgarh (7) beat K Anvitha of Andhra Pradesh (6).

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