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Thursday, 19 September 2013 11:41

2013 World Junior Chess Championship takes place in Kocaeli between 12-27 September 2013.

Turkish Chess Federation were obliged to make some changes within 2013 WJCC which they had organised every detail of this very important event with the very kind assistance and sponsorship of the Antakya Municipality as a result of the instensive cases going around the region. Considering that Kocaeli is one of the best and easiest place to İstanbul ( one of the favourite meeting point all over the World) Turkish Chess Federation decided to have this fabolous event in Kocaeli where chess is a high point of interest.

Turkish Chess Federation are hosting the 2013 WJCC for the third time with 195 participants from 52 differents countries all over the world.

IMG 8152
The President of Turkish Chess Federation Mrs. Gulkiz Tulay

“ I would like to emphasize that in the name of our federation which made a name in the international arena with high qualities of many other organisations in recent years,( being able ) to organise one of the most elit championship in the World has a great meaning for us, too. I hope each guest of us will enjoy staying in our beautiful city, Kocaeli with its historical and cultural nature which was also hosting the WU16 in 2011 and I wish success and luck to all the participants, with the belief of fairplay and galantry.

IMG 4166
The Mayor of Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality İbrahim Karaosmanoğlu

The Mayor of Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality Ibrahim Karaosmanoglu made his speech saying that " It is a matter of honor to host a World Championship in Kocaeli. We are trying our best to support any kinds of sportive activity and we are consructing the basic facilities of sports for the future. When it is about sports, people generally would remind football. But things are changing and we all accept chess to be the very important kind of sports of intelligence. Any kind of sports is beautiful, but chess is the best of all, to me.

IMG 8242

The Mayor of Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality Ibrahim Karaosmanoglu and The President of Turkish Chess Federation Gulkız Tulay have made the symbolic first move of the championship together.

IMG 8633
Tournament Hall


The sixth round of 2013 WJCC was over at 20.20 p.m. The winner of the game between GM Yangyi Yu and GM S.P. Sethuraman was the Chinese grand master Yu. Although Yu Yangyi, with his 31.cxb3 move, risked the game, he defeated his opponent in the end and became the sole leader again before the seventh round.

phoca thumb l yangyi yu

phoca thumb l alexander patov
GM Alexander Ipatov

The former champion, GM Alexander Ipatov in black pieces, had a comfy victory with his Knight jumps and Queen sacrifice against Slovak IM Tamas Petenyi and took the second place with 5 points.

GM Vidit, with an unbalancing opening against GM Grover, lost the game and has 4 points after the sixth round. GM Eliseev performed a good game against Dragon with a quicker Rook final and won the game. IM Debashis won against his Uzbek opponent with white pieces and has 5 points in total. So, GM Grover, IM Eliseev and IM Debashis are also on the second place after the sixth round. Cori Jorge, Kovalev, Indjic and Stukopin won their games today and joined the leading group.

Among the Turkish players, Batuhan Dastan couldn't defeat his opponent with white pieces and made a draw but Vahap Sanal against IM Narayanan made another draw easily in black pieces.

Cemil Can Ali Marandi caught his opponents tripping and had an early victory.

phoca thumb l img 4362
Andrey Stukopin

phoca thumb l img 4349
Arlen Abdrashev

IMG 4975
Warda Aulia Medina

In the Girls category, WIM Warda Aulia Medina scored over WGM Alina Kashlinskaya from the tenth move and became the sole leader with 5,5 points. On the second board, the game between WGM Deysi Cori and WGM Irina Bulmaga finished in a draw as a result of the bishops on the opposite colour. WGM Bulmaga is on the second place before the seventh round. 

phoca thumb l irina bulmaga
Irina Bulmaga

Albeit WGM Meri Arabidze was in a bad position against WGM Wang Jue, she managed to gain the material. The game ended in a draw because Jue had too many pawns.

phoca thumb l aleksandra goryachkna
WGM Goryachkina

WGM Goryachkina made a draw although she had the pawn advantage throughout the game.

Saduakassova and Zhao defeated their opponents today and didn't give up the fight.

Wang, Zhai, Saduakassova, Kashilinskaya, Cori and Arabidze are following the leaders on their third places.

Tournament Site: http://wjcc2013.tsf.org.tr/

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