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Tuesday, 03 June 2014 08:30

china men gold
China team captain GM Xu Jun raises the Asian Nations Cup. In foreground are, from left, Asian Chess Federation Secretary General Hisham Al Taher, Tabriz Sports Chairman Dr.M.M. Shrabi, Iran Chess Fed. President Mohammed Kambouzia and Iran Deputy Sports Minister Dr. Abdul Hamid Ahmadi.

China keeps double title for Men and Women

China Men edged Iran-A while the China Women beat India by similar scores of 2½:1½ in the final round of the Asian Nations Cup Continental Team Championship 20-30 May 2014 in Tabriz, Iran to keep their double title. Visit the official site for games, photos and results.

After two draws, Ma Qun scored the full point for China men on board 4 against Toufighi Homayoon. Yu Yangyi seemed about to get another full point on board 2 but a stubborn defense by GM Elshan Moradiabadi ended in a draw. The Chinese tied India in match points but were ahead by game points.

The Vietnamese men placed third as they did in the previous edition of the Asian Nations Cup.

In the women’s division, Tan Zhongyi clinched the win at the expense of Tania Sachdev on board 2 while three other boards ended in draws.

Iran-A beat Kazakhstan on wins by Sarasadat Khademalsharieh and Mitra Hejazipour to finish third.

A blitz tournament was held after the Standard chess competition.

The Chinese team beat India in the Open competition final match to win gold in the Asian Nations Cup Blitz Championship.

The tournament system consisted of 5-round Swiss preliminaries followed by knockout Semifinals and Final. In the Semifinals, the teams were paired based on their standings in the preliminaries, 1 vs. 4 and 2 vs. 3 with a new draw for colors.

In the preliminaries, Iran-B outranked Iran-A in the game points tie-break. In the semifinals, China eliminated Iran-B while India ousted Vietnam.

In the final, Adhiban and Ma Qun were first to finish in a draw. Wei Yi scored for China vs. Babu Lalith but Negi Parimarjan evened the score for India in a cliff hanger game where he managed to promote to Queen against Yu Yangyi. Ding Liren clinched the win for China by beating Krishnan Sasikiran on board 1.

Vietnam and Iran-B did not need to play their 3rd place match since organizers gave bronze medals to both teams.

The format for the blitz tournament in the women’s division was parallel to the men’s. Instead of Swiss prelims, the six teams played a 5-round RR. Based on their standings in the preliminaries, teams were paired 1 vs. 4 and 2 vs. 3.

The tie break in the semifinals and final was by board count (Berlin system), as follows:
a win on Board 1 = 4 points
a win on Board 2 = 3 points
a win on Board 3 = 2 points
a win on Board 4 = 1 point

In case of drawn games these points were shared. If the board-count resulted in no victory for either side then the board points of Board 4 are cancelled and so on upwards until the tie was broken.

In the semis, the tie was broken in favor of India as Rout Padmini won on bd 2. Vietnam won on board 1 as Bao Tram beat Tan Zhongyi to oust China.

The finals also ended in a 2:2 draw but the win on board 1 by Harika Dronavalli clinched the victory for India. Both China and Kazakhstan received bronze medals.

 india men silver
GM S.P. Sethuraman is lifted on the podium by Krishnan Sasikiran and Negi Parimarjan (right) with 2nd place Indian team, from left, R. Ramesh, Lalith Babu and B. Adhiban.

Vietnam men bronze
The Vietnam team placed third. From left: Nguyen Duc Hoa, Dao Thien Hai, Nguyen Huyn Minh Huy, Le Quang Liem, captain Lam Minh Chau and Nguyen Ngoc Truong Son.

china women gold
The champion women’s team, from left, Hoang Qian raising winner’s cup, Shen Yang, Guo Qi, Ju Wenjun, Tan Zhongyi and Cindy Lee.

india women silver
Indian women’s team, from left, captain K. Murugan,Tania Sachdev, Harika Dronavalli, Mary Ann Gomes, Eesha Karavade and Padmini Rout. The Indian women won gold in the blitz tournament.

Vietnam women blitz silver
Vietnam women’s team, from left, Nguyen Thi Thanh An, Hoang Thi Bao Tram, Hoang Thu Nhu Y, Luong Phuong Hanh, capt. Lam Minh Chau and Nguyen Thi Mai Hung.

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