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Friday, 05 June 2015 11:02

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Stockholms Schacksällskap, one of the world’s oldest chess clubs, celebrates its 150 years jubilee with a grand tournament at the venerable Scandic Hasselbacken in the heart of The Royal Djurgården i Stockholm, Sweden.

There will be an open Swiss tournament with nine rounds in nine days for 250 players. Both Swedish and international grandmasters will be invited and the prize fund will include 300 000 SEK, whereof 50 000 SEK to the winner of HASSELBACKEN CHESS OPEN. The highest rating prizes will be 4 000 SEK, why the tournament should also be attractive for the club player.

Stockholms Schacksällskap has high ambitions and Stefan Lindh, chairman of Stockholms Schacksällskap, says:
– In our club we are working against a common goal: Making our jubilee tournament the most magnificent event that has occurred within Swedish chess since 1866.
And what happened in the year 1866? Well, back then Stockholms Schacksällskap was founded with the famous North Pole researcher A. E. Nordenskiöld as its first chairman.
Stefan Lindh very much rejoices that the jubilee tournament will be played at Hotel Scandic Hasselbacken at Djurgården in the centre of Stockholm.
– Many of us remember with joy the chess tournaments at Hasselbacken around the millennium change. It feels fantastic to be back!
The playing venue will be the stately Hazeliussalen (the Hazelius ward), which is found at the upper floor in the hotel. Players will also have access to the large terrace with a view over the amusement park Gröna Lund, the ABBA Museum and the beautiful Stockholm waters.
The evening before the tournament, April 29, there will be a great jubilee banquet in Hazeliussalen with 100 guests.
Ingemar Falk, club master of Stockholms Schacksällskap, especially wants to highlight Scandic Hasselbacken, which is the main sponsor for the tournament.
– We have had a very fruitful cooperation with Karin Andreasson, Sales & Event coordinator at Scandic Hasselbacken, during the whole process, and I am convinced that together we will create a unique tournament for Swedish chess.
Jesper Henryson, General Manager at Scandic Hasselbacken, says:
– I’m very pleased to welcome Stockholms Schacksällskap to us at Scandic Hasselbacken and I am looking forward to an exciting tournament next spring.


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