Valentina Gunina (Russia) wins the Super Rapidplay in London Print
Tuesday, 20 December 2016 12:30

Valentina Gunina (Russia) wins the Super Rapidplay in London

Valentina Gunina showed remarkable result in the Super Rapidplay tournament in the final day of the 2016 London Chess Classic. Russian GM Valentina Gunina, who started the tournament seeded 33 with 32 male Grandmasters rated above her, but still has finished the tournament on the first place with 9 points out of 10. Her victims included famous GMs Nunn, Smirin, Iturrizaga, Howell and McShane, and the only two draws were made against Bacrot and Fressinet. Gunina won 85 rating points and climbed to number 2 in the women's rapid list! Gunina is a former Women’s World Blitz Champion, the European blitz champion and known as a brilliant blitz player.

The final standings of the tournament

Photo by A. Karlovich

The Super Rapidplay tournament was held in memory of Michael Uriely.

Michael Uriely was a very talented chess player who enjoyed great success in his short career and made many friends along the way. Michael passed away in August 2015 aged nine in the middle of the Mindsports Olympiad after a severe asthma attack. Earlier this year, his parents Roy and Ayelet supported a tournament in celebration of his life which was held at Westminster Under School which he attended. Funds were raised in support of the family's chosen charity, Asthma UK, you can donate here:

Michael Uriely

With the support of an anonymous donor, the Super Rapidplay at the London Chess Classic 2016 is in memory of Michael and competitors who knew him are welcome to comment in the remembrance book on display in the foyer. There is a LCC webpage dedicated to Michael which includes a really nice game he played at the Junior 4NCL.

Michael playing at the British Under nine Championships
Michael playing at the British Under nine Championships

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