Handbook ::  A. Administrative Subjects

06. Form to Offer/Bid to hold a FIDE Meeting/Competition

Offer/bid to hold a FIDE meeting/competition.

(To be filled in by a national federation affiliated to FIDE). Amended by 1996 Gen. Assembly.

(Probable) City
Proposed dates of Arrival:      Departure:
Financial guarantee:
Declaration and/or Government
Guarantee if applicable.
Provisional budget to be added.
Declaration generally assuring visas
To representatives of all federations:
Exceptions, if any, and reasons:
Name of Meeting/Tournament hall
And its distance from accommodation:
Travel connections and reductions for
Participants officials and accompanying persons:
Accommodation and meals of participants
And for accompanying persons:
(give classification of hotels and meals.
Indicate number of persons per room).
Are there:
Press facilities:      Telephones:      Telefax:      E-mail:
Secretarial Staff (Indicate languages).
Simultaneous Translation (in case of meeting):
Will it be guaranteed in FIDE languages:
(Indicate languages)
FIDE standard chess equipment
(in case of a competition):
Additional arrangement/Prize Fund is applicable

(GA `96) Deposit: We confirm that we shall pay the deposit fee below before conclusion of the General Assembly granting the option. We are aware that we forfeit this sum if for any reason we do not organise the event. If we do organise the event this sum will be put to the credit of our account with FIDE.
We have recognised the specific FIDE stipulation for the above-mentioned event and will observe them.
Federation Official:      Place/Date:
Name in Print:      Signature/Federation seal

All conditions offered are subject to the approval of the FIDE President or his representative.

(To be filled in by a national federation affiliated to FIDE). Amended by 1996 Gen. Assembly.


  Regular CACDEC
FIDE Congress EUR 10,000  
Executive Council/Presidential Board Meeting EUR 5,000  
World Team Championship EUR 10,000  
Olympiad (see Reg. D.II.07) EUR 10,000  
World Youth Championships 8, 10, 12, 14, 16 & 18, EUR 30,000  
World Junior Championship EUR 10,000  
World Senior Championship EUR 10,000  
World Under-20 Team Championship EUR 5,000  
World Rapid Championship EUR 10,000  


The President has the right to demand additional deposits or guarantees from the organizers when he so decides.

Twelve months before the commencement of the event the President must be in possession of sufficient evidence of the full financial reliability and attention of the sponsors. If such an evidence is not at hand at the given time the President has the right to withdraw the option.

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