Handbook ::  A. Administrative Subjects

08. Regulations on Organization of Presidential Board Meeting

Regulations for the organization of Presidential Board and Executive Board Meetings

Amended by the 1994, 1995 and 1996 General Assemblies.

These are the minimum requirements.


The Presidential Board assembles at least once every three months.


The venue and exact dates shall be approved by the General Assembly preceding the Executive Board meeting. In between meetings of the General Assembly the President shall decide.


An offer or an application for option to organize the Presidential Board meeting shall be submitted on the prescribed form (A.07/ A.06) to the President who shall make a recommendation to the General Assembly.


The schedule for the Presidential Board Meeting shall be:

Day 1 Arrival of Members
Day 2 Meeting 15:00-19:00
Day 3 Meeting 09:00-13:00
Day 4 Departure

The Presidential Board shall have a two-day meeting.

For administrative reasons, the President and the Executive Director shall arrive three days before the beginning of the meeting.

5. Costs

(GA '96)The host federation shall pay the amount of SFr.2,000 to FIDE as cost of each round-trip air-ticket to the venue for the President, Hon. President, Deputy President, 5 Vice Presidents, General Secretary and Treasurer.


(GA '96)The host federation shall pay the cost of hotel rooms and all meals for the President, the Hon. President, the Deputy President, the 5 Vice Presidents, the General Secretary and the Treasurer during their stay.


(GA '96)A suite shall be provided for the President, and double-rooms for the Hon. President, Deputy President, the 5 Vice Presidents, the General Secretary and the Treasurer.


Other members of the Presidential Board shall be responsible for their own transportation to the venue and for their hotel costs. The host federation shall arrange concession rates for hotel rooms for members of the Presidential Board and other persons attending the meeting.


The host federation shall provide local transportation for all persons attending the Presidential Board Meeting.


A chauffeured car shall be provided for the official use of the President.




The Meeting shall be conducted in the English language.


A meeting room for approximately 20 persons shall be provided for the exclusive use of the Presidential Board for the two days of the meeting.


(GA '96)An office for the exclusive use of the Executive Director shall be provided. This shall be available three days before the meeting begins and shall be equipped with computers, electric typewriters, a heavy-duty copying machine and stationery.


(GA '96)One secretarial assistant capable of typing in English shall be provided to assist the Executive Director from the day of his arrival.


(GA '96)The Presidential Board meeting shall be organized concurrent with a significant FIDE event or in order for the Board and/or Board to inspect preparations for a significant FIDE event.

(1979 Congress - It was agreed to maintain the practice of reporting on Board meetings in the Circular Letters instead of distributing minutes to all federations.)

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