74th FIDE Congress: Annex 30 - Computer & Internet Chess Committee Report Print
Sunday, 22 February 2004 00:00
The meeting of the committee was held on October 27 - November 2, 2003 in Kallithea, Halkidiki, Greece.

74th FIDE Congress 27 October – 2 November 2003 Kallithea, Halkidiki, Greece Computer & Internet Chess Committee ANNUAL REPORT

Chairman: IM Jovan Petronic FIDE Computer & Internet Chess Committee activities: A new, modified version of the Committee’s members’ Internet presentation has been established on: http://www.fide.com/official/officials.asp?f=26 and members details updates are almost instantaneous, thanks to Mr. Casto Abundo. The final list of the Committee’s members has been established only in the first quarter of 2003, after additional Federation nominations and our President’s approval. 02.02.2003. A contact has been established with Mr. Guy Haworth of ICGA (Internet Computer Games Association) [http://www.cs.unimaas.nl/icga] for a close relation with ICGA and the FIDE Computer & Internet Chess Committee. 15.02.2003 Mr. Wim Arns, founder of the “KNSB Online Chess Academy” approached the Committee asking for a contact with our Committee member Mr. Jan Berglund. Details on the Online Chess Academy project are available upon request. 04.04.2003 The Committee, and I as it’s Chairman has been approached by Mr. Carlos Justiniano introducing the “ChessBrain Project” [http://www.chessbrain.net] and FIDE possible involvement in it’s attempt to break the World record of connecting the largest possible number of machines for the purpose of playing chess. Actively involved in this activity was former Computer Chess Committee Chairman and present member Mr. Peter Wilson. After necessary consultations and detailed analysis, I have made an official recommendation to FIDE, regarding this project. Details are available upon request. 10.06.2003 I, as Computer & Internet Chess Committee Chairman, have been approached by Mrs. Brana Malobabic with the “INNDE project”. As Mrs. Malobabic requested, among other, a contact directly with the FIDE President Mr. Ilymzhinov, the project proposal has been forwarded to FIDE for consideration & final evaluation. 11.10.2003 An interesting idea of organizing FIDE-rated FS (First Saturday) Internet tournaments has been proposed in an E-mail correspondence by Mr. Nagy Laszlo of Budapest, Hungary. The idea of FIDE rated Internet tournaments has serious grounds for consideration, although it is a project based on “pioneering work”. Current views of some of the Committee members asked for opinions are not in favor of FIDE rated Internet tournaments, due to many circumstances which do not favor it’s success. I, as Chairman of our Committee have some months ago, made an attempt to reestablish the presence of FIDE, namely the FIDE rating lists in the software of chess computer giants Convekta (Chess Assistant) and Chess Base (Chess Base 8). Both have kindly updated the values of the rating lists and I await further improvements in this area based on the suggestions made. Based on the info from 17.XII 2002 from the FIDE Office that FIDE has actually no related qualifications requirements for the members of the Computer & Internet Chess Committee, newly established in Bled 2002, in succession of the former Computer Chess Committee, other than individual Federation nominations, I would propose a change here, so as to ensure higher standards and membership eligibility within the Committee. The exact minimum requirements would be subsequently suggested, upon FIDE approval for such an approach in the future. Based on this suggestion, I would propose to the Committee members and FIDE, special approval of membership in the Computer and Internet Chess Committee of one representative of each of the leading chess software companies: Chess Base GMBH (Germany), Convekta (Russia), Chess Informant (Serbia & Crna Gora), ICC and Bookup (USA). Upon approval, I would make the final contacts and recommend the persons (whom I have known, personally or through E-mail correspondence, for years of excellence in Computer Chess activities) I consider invaluable of presence in our Committee, raising it’s standards to the highest level possible. Hopefully, their acceptance to join our Committee would offer unlimited future activity possibilities in the relations FIDE/Computer Chess, currently not in our reach. It would unite the World of Chess Computer software and the FIDE Computer & Internet Chess Committee, offering benefits to all. I would like to extend my special thanks to Committee members Mr. Peter Wilson & Mr. Altanoch Gendengin for their personal activities in the past year of our presence, as well as Mr. Ignatius Leong, Ms. Polina Tsedenova, & Mr. Casto Abundo of FIDE for their efforts and highly efficient responses in matters related. Chairman: IM Jovan Petronic Monday, October 27th 2003 Halkidiki, Greece

74th FIDE Congress Computer and Internet Chess Committee 29 October 2003 Kallithea, Halkidiki, Greece Report

Acting Chairman: Mr. Mahdi Abdul Rahim (UAE). Present: Yousef Ahmed Baselaib (UAE), Wim Arns (NED), Antonio Curado (POR), M.S. Yousufzai (AFG), G. Qaderi (AFG), Luis Costa (POR), Abd Hamid Majid (MAS), M. Pahlevanzadeh (IRI). 1. The Annual Report presented by Mr. Jovan Petronic was circulated and accepted by all members present. 2. The presentation of Royal Dutch Chess Federation Online Chess Academy program by Mr. W.S.J. Arns was viewed by members present. All members gave a positive view of the program. 3. Regulations for Internet Chess Competition should be regulated by this Committee, based on existing regulations in the FIDE Handbook/ECU Internet Regulations and Chessbase/Fritz websites. 4. Mr. Pahlevanzadeh proposed approaching Microsoft for Chess Figurative Fonts to be included in the default fonts. Mahdi Abdul Rahim In Chair

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