A. Administrative Subjects
01. FIDE Statutes
02. Non-Elected Commissions
03. Financial Regulations
04. Electoral Regulations
05. Honours and Awards
06. Form to Offer/Bid to hold a FIDE Meeting/Competition
07. FIDE Congress Regulations
08. Regulations on Organization of Presidential Board Meeting
09. FIDE Code of Ethics
B. Permanent Commissions
01. International Title Regulations (Qualification Commission)
02. FIDE Rating Regulations (Qualification Commission)
03. Regulations on Registration & Licensing of Players
04 Registration, Transfer & Rules of Eligibility for Player
05. CACDEC Statutes (Committee for Assistance to Chess Developing Countries)
06. Regulations for the Titles of Arbiters
07. Regulations for the Titles of Trainers
08. Rapid Chess Competitions
09. Regulations on Seminars & Title Award for Organizers
10. Guidelines for FIDE Technical Director
C. General Rules and Recommendations for Tournaments
01. Recommendations for Organization of Top-level Tournaments
02. Standards of Chess Equipment for FIDE Tournaments
03. Guidelines for Tournament Invitation Agreement
04. FIDE Swiss Rules
05. FIDE Tournament Rules
06. Restricted Drawing of Lots
07. Time Control
08. FIDE Chess Calendar
D. Regulations for Specific Competitions
D.I. Cycle for the Individual World Championship
D.II. Chess Olympiad
D.III. Cycle for Competitions for Men`s and Women`s National Teams
D.IV. Other FIDE Competitions
D.VI. Continental Championships
D.VII. Regulations for the FIDE World Rapid & Blitz Championships
E. Miscellaneous
E.I. Laws of Chess
E.II. Handicapped Players
E.III. Regulations for Play with Computers
E.IV. Telechess
F. Administration
F.I. Boycotts
F.II. Resolutions
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