Handbook ::  D. Regulations for Specific Competitions

01. Continental Team Championships

Overall Regulations for the Continental Chess Championships

1. General

Frequency: once every two years.


Commencement: 1983.


Provisionally for men`s teams only, with the exception of the European (Women`s) Team Championship.


Responsibility for drawing up rules and implementing them rests with the Continental Associations.


The playing regulations and conditions shall be separately determined according to the circumstances for each continent.


Each match between teams must be played over a minimu of four boards.


The winning team in a Continental Championship shall represent its continent at the next World Team Championship cf. D.II.08 Art. 1.62.
In special circumstances, upon application from the Continental President, the FIDE President may, for a stipulated period, permit a continent to be represented by a combined continental team (instead of a national team).


Specific regulations

are contained in

Annex D.03.02 for Africa;
Annex D.03.03 for the Americas;
Annex D.03.04 for Asia; and
Annex D.03.05 for Europe.

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