International Chess Federation
12th KOSICE SIM-SIM TOUR - Memorial of L. Kotan (max. 2399 rating) 3.000 € Prizepool
Place:Kosice, Slovakia
Time control:2x 60 min + 30 s/move
Time control type:Standard
Time control description:2x 60 min + 30 s/move
Number of rounds:7
Tournament system:swiss
Organizer:Chess School Kosice
Chief organizer:FA Alexander Riabov
Chief arbiter:FA Rebeka Nadzamova
Number of players:100
Address:Kosice, SLOVAKIA
Address coordinates:Faculty of Civil Engineering, Vysokoškolská 4, Košice, SLOVAKIA (
Official website:

Up to 2399 FIDE rating 4-days lasting 12th International Chess Tournament with Prizepool 3.000 €, 1stprize 500 €, 2nd 350 €, 3rd 300 € & 10th prize 100 € and overall 33 awarders in rating (2000, 1800, 1600) and other categories.

It is played in Košice (located in eastern Slovakia). Košice has their own airport (incl. Ryanair connection) and it is 290 km from Budapest, 100 km from Uzhhorod, 230 km from Krakow or 480 km from Wienna.

There will be also Blitz tournament on the Saturday.

Many common activities are prepared for players: campfire with guitar, attending of swimming pool and the biggest Zoo in the Europe.

Košice are the 2nd biggest city in Slovakia. It has nice parks and museums, swimming pools and the biggest Zoo in Europe.

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