Executive Board 2017 Decisions Print
Tuesday, 17 October 2017 07:57

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88th FIDE Congress
Executive Board meeting
Goynuk, Antalya, Turkey
13-14 October 2017


EB-2017/1. To establish the quorum

EB-2017/2. To reconfirm the decision of the Extraordinary Presidential Board meeting, April 2017 in Athens.

EB-2017/3. To accept a motion of Prof. A. Siegel to request the FIDE President not to run in the next Presidential elections.

EB-2017/4. To note the result of the secret ballot – 37 in favour of the motion, 20 against, 2 abstentions.

EB-2017/5. To refer the decision of the item in the financial report about the 30,000 loan to Mr. L. Ncube to the next Presidential Board for a final decision.

EB-2017/6. To approve the budget for 2018.

EB-2017/7. To approve the financial regulations excluding the fees.

EB-2017/8. To refer the fees to the General Assembly 2018.

EB-2017/9. To approve the Verification Commission report.

EB-2017/10. To discharge the Treasurer from his duties.

EB-2017/11. To re-appoint Ernst & Young, Switzerland, as FIDE External Auditors for the financial year 2017.

EB-2017/12. To approve the provisional membership of the Antigua and Barbuda Chess Federation and recommend to the General Assembly its ratification.

EB-2017/13. To temporarily exclude the Bulgarian Chess Federation.

EB-2017/14. To approve that the players from Bulgaria to play under FIDE flag.

EB-2017/15. To form a Committee to check the possibility of FIDE of registering tournaments of Bulgaria.

EB-2017/16. Not to accept the end of suspension of the ASEAN Chess Confederation.

EB-2017/17. To approve a new Agreement with Agon.

EB-2017/18. To accept the Qualification Commission report.

EB-2017/19. To approve over-the-board titles.

EB-2017/20. To accept the Arbiters’ Commission report.

EB-2017/21. To approve arbiters’ titles.

EB-2017/22. To accept the Trainers’ Commission report and ask the Luxembourg Chess Academy to change its name.

EB-2017/23. To approve trainers’ titles.

EB-2017/24. To accept the Technical Commission report.

EB-2017/25. To accept the Rules Commission report.

EB-2017/26. To approve the proposed changes to the Laws of Chess.

EB-2017/27. To accept the Constitutional Commission report.

EB-2017/28. To accept the Systems of Pairings and Programmes Commission report.

EB-2017/29. To accept the Development Commission report.

EB-2017/30. To accept the Chess in Schools Commission report.

EB-2017/31. To accept the Women’s Chess Commission report.

EB-2017/32. To approve the change of the Women’s Chess Commission’s name to the Commission for Women in Chess and recommend its final ratification by the General Assembly 2018.

EB-2017/33. To accept the Social Actions Commission report.

EB-2017/34. To accept the Social Projects Commission report.

EB-2017/35. To accept the Chess for Disabled Commission report.

EB-2017/36. To accept the Medical Commission report.

EB-2017/37. To accept the Ethics Commission report.

EB-2017/38. To accept the Events Commission report.

EB-2017/39. To approve IO titles.

EB-2017/40. To accept the Journalists’ Commission report.

EB-2017/41. To accept the Media regulations.

EB-2017/42. To accept the Anti-Cheating Commission report

EB-2017/43. To accept the Online Commission report.

EB-2017/44. To note the Marketing Committee report.

EB-2017/45. To accept the World Championship and Olympiads Commission report.

EB-2017/46. To approve the proposal of Mr. Borg to negotiate with potential bidders for the World Team for open and women a package deal including a stage of the Women’s Grand-Prix.

EB-2017/47. To approve the proposal of Mr. Makropoulos to sign an agreement on an exact schedule of construction for the Batumi 2018 Olympiad playing hall.

EB-2017/48. To authorize the Presidential Board to finalise the contract with the Khanty-Mansiysk Organisers.

EB-2017/49. To approve the proposal of Mr. Makropoulos to sign an agreement on an exact schedule of preparation for the Khanty-Mansiysk 2020 Olympiad.

EB-2017/50. To award the World Youth Championship 2019 U-14, U-16, U-18 to India.

EB-2017/51. To award the World Cadet Championships U-8, U-10, U-12 2019 to China.

EB-2017/52. To award World Senior Championships 2019 to Romania.

EB-2017/53. To award World Senior Teams Championships 50+, 65+ 2019 to Greece.

EB-2017/54. To award World Amateur Championship 2019 to Mexico.

EB-2017/55. To accept the Continental Presidents’ reports.