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Thursday, 10 May 2018 11:28

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2018 FIDE World School Chess Championships were held from 21-29th April at Hotel Fafa in Durres, Albania.

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A total number of 387 participants from 40 federations took part in the event throughout twelve age categories from U7 to U17, boys and girls.

Part 04

This is the biggest international sport event ever held in Albania.

School Chess Teachers, Arbiters and Trainers Seminars were held from 27 to 29 April 2018.

Part 05  Part 06

1 Tulendinov Dinmukhammed KAZ
2 Karimli Yusif AZE
3 Tsoy Maxim KAZ

1 Vetokhin Savva RUS
2 Tenuunbold Battulga MGL
3 Suleymanli Ismayil AZE

1 Ochirbat Lkhagvajamts MGL
2 Xie Kaifan CHN
3 Chen Kailin CHN

1 Petkov Momchil FID
2 Dolgun Can TUR
3 Advait Bagri SGP

1 Isanzhulov Arystan KAZ
2 Thilakarathne G M H SRI
3 Abdilkhair Abilmansur KAZ

1 Ibrahimli Murad AZE 2305
2 Akdogan Alperen TUR
3 FM Sipetin Vladislav RUS

G U7
1 Lakshana Subramanian IND
2 Zhumagali Raian KAZ
3 Sodgerelt Naranbold MGL

G U9
1 Rouda Essa Alserkal UAE
2 Yesugen Khuchbayar MGL
3 Lkhagvajed Gantulga MGL

G U11
1 Nurmanova Alua KAZ
2 Baloglu Dila TUR
3 Akat Elifnaz TUR

G U13
1 Munkhzul Davaakhuu MGL
2 Cai Boheng CHN
3 Ince Safiye Oyku TUR

G U15
1 Nurgali Nazerke KAZ
2 Jarocka Liwia POL
3 Lehaci Miruna-Daria ROU

G U17
1 Radeva Viktoria FID
2 Heydarova Aytaj AZE
3 Kostecka Marika

FIDE World Amateur Chess Championship
was held in Cagliari – Sardinia Italy in April 21 – 30, 2018.

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The games took place in the conference centre of the 4-star Califfo Hotel of Quartu St. Elena Cagliari.

FIDE rated Swiss system in 9 rounds. There were separate championships for categories Under-2300, Under-2000, Under-1700 Open and Women.

The Championships are open tournaments for players registered by their federation.


Under 2300 category
1. Singh Arvinder Preet IND
2. Garavito Miguel Angel COL
3 Gunbayar Myagmarsuren MGL 

Under 2000
1.Hajiyev Kanan AZE
2. Baisynov Islam KGZ
3.Tavagwisa Lawrence ZIM

Under 1700
1. Sutbas Batuhan TUR
2. Arevalo Perez Luis Alexander PER
3. Zholdoshmamatov Adilet KGZ

Women Under 1700
1. Popova Vilena RUS
2. Khaliun Batnasan MGL
3. Nakabo Peninah UGA

European Women Chess Championship 2018
took place from 7th-20th April, in Vysoke Tatry, Slovakia.

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Valentina Gunina (RUS, 2507) became the winner of the European Women Individual Chess Championship 2018.

Part 09

Valentina Gunina reached an impressive result of 9 points out of 11 games and finished a full point ahead of the runner-ups. She achieved the title of the European Women Chess Champion for the third time in her career (2012, 2014, 2018).

Part 08

Seven players tied for the second place, each with 8 points. According to the tie-break criteria, silver medal went to Dzagnidze Nana (GEO, 2507), the Winner of the Championship in 2017, while former Women`s World Champion Ushenina Anna (UKR, 2422) took the bronze medal.

143 players from 30 different European federations participated in the event, including 13 Grandmasters, 29 International masters, 35 Women Grandmasters, 22 Women International masters and in total 128 titled players.

The total prize fund of the championship was 70.000 EUR.

European Senior Team Championship
took place from 13th-23rd April 2018, in Walbrzych, Poland.

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Teams of Italy and Russia triumphed at the European Senior Team Chess Championship 2018, in categories 50+ and 65+, respectively. In section 50+, top seeded Italy dominated at the event and won the event with perfect result and 9 consecutive victories. Even though draw in the last round was enough for reserving the first place, Italy stayed invincible until the end of the Championship. Members of the winning team are: GM Godena Michele (ITA, 2507), GM Garcia Palermo Carlos (ITA, 2404), GM Mariotti Sergio (ITA, 2228), IM Belia Fabrizio (ITA, 2443) and IM Bruno Fabio (ITA, 2439). In the same category, silver went to Russian Women team, who suffered only one lost, in the very intense match played against Winners, while Belgium VCF was third.

Part 07

The Champion of 65+ category wasn't questioned in the last round, since Russian team secured the gold with a round to go. Russians finished the event unbeatable with all the triumphs and perfect 18 match points.

Members of the winning team are: GM Balashov Yuri S (RUS, 2421), IM Zhelnin Vladimir V (RUS, 2351), GM Pushkov Nikolai (RUS, 2304) and IM Lisenko Alexander (RUS,2368). Germany ended second with 15 match points, while bronze came to the first team of Sweden with 12 match points.

Top 3 winning teams of each category were awarded with trophies and medals, while the best individual players were awarded with additional prizes.

European Small Nations Chess Championship 2018

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Grandmaster Ziska Helgi Dam (FAI, 2549) became the winner of the 3rd European Small Nations Individual Chess Championship, which took place from 13th-23rd April, in Klaksvik, Faroe Islands.

Ziska Helgi Dam scored 8.5 points and convincingly won the Championship before the last round with perfect 8/8.

Part 12  Part 13

GM Efimov Igor won the silver medal with 7 points. The third place went to IM Berend Fred (LUX, 2357) with 6.5 points. It was a round-robin event with participation of 10 players.

The total prize fund of the event was 4.500 EUR, with 2.000 EUR reserved for the winner of the Championship.

The Winner of the European Small Nations Blitz Chess Championship 2018 became Paris Klerides (CYP, 2183).

Asian Youth Chess Championships 2018
took place in Chiangmai Thailand.

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The Thailand Chess Association in cooperation with the Bangapi Chess Club and under the auspices of the Asian Chess Federation and FIDE has organized 2018 Asian Youth Chess Championship and Asian Youth Rapid and Blitz Championships, which was held 31st March (arrival) to 10th April (departure) in Chiangmai, Thailand.

Part 01

Asian Youth Chess Championships 2018      
Individual Standard Medal Tally      
– G8 Standard        
Medal Title Name Rtg FED Title/Norm
Gold   Huynh Phuc Minh Phuong 0 VIE WCM
Silver   Ebrahimi Rashti Asal 1140 IRI WCM
Bronze   Dang Le Xuan Hien 1270 VIE WCM
– G10 Standard        
Medal Title Name Rtg FED Title/Norm
Gold   Nguyen Ha Khanh Linh 0 VIE WCM
Silver   Anupam M Sreekumar 1343 IND WCM
Bronze   Rajanya Datta 1373 IND WCM
– G12 Standard        
Medal Title Name Rtg FED Title/Norm
Gold WCM Sahithi Varshini M 1573 IND WFM
Silver WCM Nguyen Le Cam Hien 1483 VIE  
Bronze WCM Omonova Umida 1740 UZB  
– G14 Standard        
Medal Title Name Rtg FED Title/Norm
Gold WFM Kamalidenova Meruert 1982 KAZ  
Silver   Bristy Mukherjee 1720 IND WCM
Bronze   Jain Nityata 1894 IND WCM
– G16 Standard        
Medal Title Name Rtg FED Title/Norm
Gold WFM Bach Ngoc Thuy Duong 2128 VIE WIM Norm
Silver   Makhija Aashna 2083 IND WFM
Bronze WFM Serikbay Assel 2121 KAZ  
– G18 Standard        
Medal Title Name Rtg FED Title/Norm
Gold   Hamedi Nia Vesal 1976 IRI WIM
Silver WCM Yang Yijing 1987 CHN WFM
Bronze WFM Karenza Dita 1831 INA  
– U8 Standard        
Medal Title Name Rtg FED Title/Norm
Gold   Chen Zhiyuan 0 CHN CM
Silver CM Manon Reja Neer 1666 BAN  
Bronze   Adireddy Arjun 1506 IND CM
– U10 Standard        
Medal Title Name Rtg FED Title/Norm
Gold   Kadam Om Manish 1788 IND CM
Silver   Dang Anh Minh 1753 VIE CM
Bronze   Jin Yueheng 1603 CHN CM
– U12 Standard        
Medal Title Name Rtg FED Title/Norm
Gold CM Gukesh D 2401 IND FM
Silver   Daneshvar Bardiya 2325 IRI CM
Bronze CM Nguyen Quoc Hy 2061 VIE  
– U14 Standard        
Medal Title Name Rtg FED Title/Norm
Gold FM Raja Rithvik R 2280 IND  
Silver CM Wang Zideng 1891 CHN  
Bronze CM Kushagra Mohan 2276 IND  
– U16 Standard        
Medal Title Name Rtg FED Title/Norm
Gold FM Piyumantha M Sasith Nipun 2138 SRI IM Norm
Silver   Vatsal Singhania 2106 IND FM
Bronze   Sankalp Gupta 2374 IND FM
– U18 Standard        
Medal Title Name Rtg FED Title/Norm
Gold FM Miciano John Marvin 2260 PHI IM
Silver   Quizon Daniel 2228 PHI FM
Bronze FM  Xu Zhihang 2344 CHN  


2018 Zone 4.3 Individual Championships
took place in Maputo, Mozambique from April 7, 2018 (arrival) to April 15, 2018 (departure).

24 players took part in the open championship (in total 8 federations)

21 players took part in women tournament (in total 6 federations). 

Results in the open section:
1 FM Domingos Catarino 2253 ANG
2 FM Khetho Phemelo 2162 BOT
3 FM Klaasen Calvin John 2272 RSA

Results in the women section:
1 Van Niekerk Megan 1674 RSA
2 WIM February Jesse Nikki 1899 RSA
3 WIM Francis Onkemetse 1794 BOT

The 2018 1st Quarter Presidential Board took place in the Marriott Hotel in Minsk, Belarus from 7th to 8th of April 2018.

The PB received a proposal from Belarus to hold the 2022 World Chess Olympiad in Minsk.

The PB members visited the possible venue for the Olympiad “Minsk Arena”.

Part 10

After the inspection the members of the Presidential Board had an official meeting with Sergey Mikhailovich Kovalchuk, the Minister of Sport and Tourism of the Republic of Belarus, Andrei Victorovich Shorets, the Chairman of Minsk City Executive Committee, Anastasia Sorokina, the Head of the Belarus Chess Federation and other officials in the Minsk City Hall.

Part 11

FIDE Press Release: 2018 1st quarter Presidential Board

List of Decisions of 2018 1st quarter FIDE PB

Events in May:

Women's World Championship Match 2018 between Tan Zhongyi and Ju Wenjun is under way in China. The first half took place from 2nd to 9th of May in Shanghai and the latter half starts from 11th to 20th May in Chongqing. After 5 round Ju Wenjun is leading with 3, 5:1, 5 score.

Central American & Caribbean Youth Chess Championships 2018 Puerto La Cruz, Venezuela 27-Apr-2018 4-May-2018
South American Junior U20 Championship 2018 Asunción, Paraguay 12-May-2018 20-May-2018
Asian Universities Chess Championship 2018 Tagaytay, Philippines 26-May-2018 2-Jun-2018
African Individual Chess Championships 2018 Lusaka, Zambia 11-May-2018 24-May-2018
African Rapid Chess Championships 2018 Lusaka, Zambia 22-May-2018 22-May-2018a
African Blitz Chess Championships 2018 Lusaka, Zambia 23-May-2018 23-May-2018


43rd World Chess Olympiad in Batumi 2018


The Georgian Chess Federation and the Chess Olympiad Organizing Committee have the great honor to invite all FIDE member countries to the 43rd Batumi Chess Olympiad and the 89th FIDE congress to be held from 23rd of September till 6th of October 2018 in Batumi, Georgia.

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