89th FIDE Congress: Re-assignment of proxies Print
Wednesday, 26 September 2018 05:38

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FIDE recommends that the following wording be used for the re-assignment of proxies:

"I, the Delegate of the federation of _______________________ [insert country], hereby re-assign the proxy that was assigned to me by the federation of _______________________ [insert country] to the Delegate of the federation of _______________________ [insert country] who is on the list published by FIDE on 4 September 2018 (or to his/her nominee, in case of re-assignment pursuant to Art. 5(A)(7) ER).

Date: _____________________

Name: ____________________

Signature: _________________"

The person re-assigning a proxy may, if they wish, mention the name of the Delegate to whom the proxy is re-assigned in the proxy re-assignment. They are not obliged to do so and may also simply mention the federation of the Delegate to whom the proxy is re-assigned.

Article 5(A)(7) of the Electoral Regulations provides as follows: “Every delegate is permitted to represent, besides his own, only one additional federation in the General Assembly. If (and only if) a delegate has been assigned two or more valid proxies, the delegate can re-assign the valid proxies over the one he is allowed under this Section until 17.00 h three days before the opening of the General Assembly. A proxy can be re-assigned only to the delegate of another federation who is on the list that is referred to in Section (3) above and it cannot be re-assigned to a federation who assigned or re-assigned it. A re-assignment cannot be revoked. […]”.

In the present case, re-assignments of proxies must be signed and delivered to the FIDE Secretariat by 30 September 2018 (@ 17.00 Batumi time).

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