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Saturday, 18 May 2019 00:00

Bu Xiangzhi
and Lei Tingjie (both from China) took the gold medals in blitz tournaments of IMSA World Masters Championship, which finished in Hengshui (China) on May 18.

m IMSA men 3
Bu Xiangzhi successfully maintained his leadership of yesterday and even won the gold medal one round to spare. Although losing to Ruslan Ponomariov in the last game, Bu still finished first with 14.5/22, a full point ahead of the silver medalist Anton Korobov from Ukraine.

m IMSA men 2

The Ukrainian takes home two medals, as he also won the rapid IMSA championship, which finished on 16th.

m IMSA men

Richard Rapport from Hungary tied for the third place with Dmitry Andreikin from Russia but takes bronze medal thanks to a superior direct-encounter result.

Final ranking for Men's Blitz:

m IMSA men blitz

In contrast to the men's section, the competition in women's section was more intense as the winner was not clear until the last moment.

m IMSA women 3

In the women section, Lei Tingjie shared first with Alexandra Kosteniuk from Russia with 15/22 but got gold due to a better tiebreak. Alexandra started the second day with 6 victories and it seemed she was very close to win the second gold medal. In the dramatic last round, the leader Kosteniuk lost to Kazakhstan talent Zhansaya Abdumalik, while Lei Tingjie beat her compatriot Zhao Xue.

m IMSA women 2

Lei emerged as the lucky winner by superior tiebreak and Kosteniuk got the silver medal.

m IMSA women

The bronze medal went to the former Women`s World Champion, GM Tan Zhongyi, with 13.5/22. Humpy Koneru, who was the sole leader after the first day, scored 4,5/10 on day two and ended up on the fourth place.

Final ranking for Women's Blitz:

m IMSA women blitz

Below is the medals board for all the IMSA chess events. By countries, China, Russia and Ukraine got 3 medals each. Vietnam, USA and Hungary 1 medal each.

m IMSA medals

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