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Tuesday, 05 August 2008 11:16

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Gaborone, Botswana, Africa saw the first ever FIDE CACDEC Seminar for Trainers from 3-8 August 2008 on the initiative of the Botswana Chess Federation with support from the Afican Chess Union, FIDE and CACDEC.

So while the the seminar ultimately saw a total of 10 participants, (after a largely disappointing no show from from neigbouring countries at the very last minute), the 9 from Botswana included their President Boitumelo Keinyatse, Treasurer Lapologang Botanka and Board Member Alex Mpuisang).

But no one attending was there to make up the numbers - all were paSsionate about learning and all were actively involved in teaching at schools level.

In particular Ahmed Abdi Hassaan, the President of the Somali Chess Federation, and the sole "foreigner" was a vocal advocate of chess in schools and in between sessions could be seen working on his computer putting together papers and proposals.

Topics at the FIDE CACDEC Seminar for Trainers included:

1. FIDE & The FIDE Trainer System
2. Academies, Chess in Schools & The ACA Scholastics Program
3. Basic Methods of Teaching
4. Chess Terminology
5. Tactics & Combinations
6. Mate Construction
7. Playing Strength Assessment
8. Opening Principles
9. International System of Signs
10. Endgames
11. Calculation Techniques
12. Modern Methods of Teaching 
In the end, after rigorous examination and assessment over 4 long days, the following titles were awarded:

1. Moatlhodi Kgosimore, Botswana. FIDE Instructor 
2. Barileng Gaealafshwe, Botswana, FIDE Instructor 
3. Mahommad Israel Makwati, FIDE Instructor
4. Kelapile Kelatlhilwe, Botswana, National Instructor
5. 6. Chazha Bontzi, Botswana, National Instructor
6. Boitumelo Keinyatse, Botswana, National Instructor
7. Ahmaed Abdi Hassaan, Somalia, National Instructor
8. Batlhalefeng Ramonsesane, Botswana, Developmental Instructor
9. Alex B. Mpuisang, Botswana, Developmental Instructor
10. Tschimologo Kolaatamo, Botswana, Developmental Instructor


Mr Dabilani Buthali, the FIDE Continental President for Africa and President of the African Chess Union, kindly officiated at the opening of the seminar where he amongst other things he observed the opportunities being provided by FIDE through CACDEC was a under utilised resource in African chess and welcome such training and development initiatives. 

It should also be mentioned that Mr Kefilwe Miti, the energetic Secretary of the Botswana Chess Federation worked tirelessly to put together the seminar and was assisted in the running of the event by the Executive Board members who were participating.

Finally, I need to acknowledge the ASEAN Chess Academy for providing the necessary accreditation and inviting me to conduct this seminar, and also to thank FIDE Instructor Praful Zaferi and the All India Chess Federation for making him available to assist in this seminar.

Report by:
FIDE Trainer Peter Long

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