India and Armenia Leading After Round Seven of Under16 Chess Olympiad Print
Saturday, 23 August 2008 08:04
u16.jpgAfter the seventh round of the World Under16 Olympiad, the fight for the top spot became close again and there will be some decisive and dramatic matches to be played tomorrow, since there are going to be two of the last three rounds. Philippines defeated Russia 3-1 while India outscored Georgia with 3.5-0.5. Armenia swept of England with 4-0 while Azerbaijan surpassed Slovakia with 3-1. Turkey-A was also merciless against Turkey-Mersin.

India and Armenia are sharing the leadership spot with 19.5 points followed by Philippines. Russia dropped back to fourth place with 18.5 points followed by Azerbaijan and Turkey-A with 18 and 17.5 points respectively. The detailed news and results can be viewed from the official site.