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Saturday, 20 September 2014 10:02

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The World Youth Chess Championships 2014 has started in Durban hosted by the South African Chess Federation.



Mr MC, representatives of FIDE: Mr Lewis Ncube and Mrs Emelia Ellappen, Members of the African Continental Board, the Vice-President of Chess South Africa: Mr Winston Dalpat and members of the Chess South Africa Executive Board, honorary former President of Chess South Africa: Advocate: Lyndon Bouah, Mr Prim Reddy representing the KwaZulu-Natal Provincial Government, Councillor Logie Naidoo representing the Municipality of eThekwini, GM Grivas from the FIDE Trainers’ Commission, FIDE Technical Director: Mr Werner Stubenvoll from the FIDE Qualifications Commission, the President of KwaZulu-Natal Chess Association: Mr Sandile Xulu and his Executive Board, Deputy President of the Asian Chess Federation: Mr Bharot Singh, Dr Brian van Zyl, a good friend of chess, the WYCC Chief Convenor: Mr Logan Reddy and his LOC, Grandmasters, Woman Grandmasters, all other titled and untitled players gathered here, Sponsors, Coaches, Managers, Presidents of Provincial Chess Federations and their Executives, members of the media, brothers, sisters, friends and family, "Gens Una Sumus".

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Mr. Eldo Smart, President of Chess South Africa

I greet you on behalf of the chess community of South Africa. It is a privilege and honour for us as South Africa, and indeed Africa, to host the 2014 World Youth Chess Championships. South Africa first participated in the World Youth Chess Championships in 1994 in Duisberg, Germany.

FIDE has indeed honoured us, Mr Ncube and Mrs Ellappen, as the African continent by bestowing upon us this important event. The event is supported by over 90 countries and we are proud to showcase the wonderful city of Durban, eThekwini Municipality, scenic Province of KwaZulu-Natal, the home of South Africa's President, His Excellency Mr Jacob Zuma, who attended the Closing Ceremony of the Commonwealth Chess Championships last year, home of the Zulu people, and our beautiful country of South Africa.

Chess creates social cohesion. For us, it is a way of life, it runs through our veins and it brings people together. Different backgrounds, creeds, religion, stations of life and diverse communities are represented here tonight. Mr Singh, world icon Mr Mahatma Gandhi once said: "You must open your windows and doors so that the cultures of all the people can flow through your windows and doors".  

Chess gives us hope. What does hope mean? According to Dr Ivan Meyer, the former Minister of Sport and present Minister of Finance in the Western Cape Government, when he launched the chess revolution in the Western Cape, he said that hope means:

“H : higher
O : opportunity
P : for people
E : to excel. Maximise your potential”

We thank FIDE for agreeing to celebrate the future chess champions by coming to South Africa in our twentieth year of democracy. Chess has been acknowledged by government as one of the 16 priority sport codes in South Africa. The year 2018 will also be declared the year for chess in South Africa.

South Africa first played in international Chess Olympiads in 1958. We are now proud to be able to state that we have hosted a World Youth Championship and we, as South Africa, are now ready to host a World Chess Olympiad in the near future. We hope that FIDE will make it happen.

I thank Mr Logan Reddy, the 2014 Word Youth Convenor, as well as the LOC who have done a sterling job in arranging this event, which is the culmination of many years of passion and sweat. I know that all of you will be enjoying yourself while you contemplate the next game and move. Enjoy the sights of South Africa and may the best players win.

Players, when tomorrow comes, you will have the opportunity to maximise your potential by having HOPE!

Gens Una Sumus!!

Thank you.

President of Chess South Africa

Mr. Lewis Ncube, Continental President for Africa

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Making the first moves

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