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Tuesday, 10 March 2015 13:53


Final Results of the World Senior Team Chess Championship 2015 in Dresden

Team Slovakia wins in Group 50+, Team Russia in Group 65+, Germany Women 1 secures first place in the women's tournament. The team from Slovakia retained the upper hand in the final round. They were able to prevail against the team "Schachgemeinschaft Leipzig" with 4 - 0 and secured 17 points to win the tournament in the 50+ section. But they did not only remain unbeaten as a team; the Slovak players won every single game during the World Championship! The team "Germany" was able to achieve two points against "SV Lok Engelsdorf", thus securing 15 points and winning the silver medal. The bronze medal goes to "England 1", which is due to the better Buchholz system putting them just ahead of "Thüringen" - both having 13 team points.

In the 65+ - Tournament Team "Russia" was already facing the last round as the winners. But the Russians showed a strong performance again and achieved 4 - 0 against the team "Berliner Schachverband". Behind them, "KAISSA Germany" and team "Germany 65+" played against each other in the final round, both having 12 team points. The match ended in a draw, "KAISSA Germany" placed second due to the better Buchholz system and won the silver medal ahead of the team "Germany 65+".

In the women's section the team "Germany Women 1" was able to surprisingly decide the tournament for themselves. For the women from Germany a draw against the team "SK Bad Harzburg" was enough to leave the Russian women's team behind, with 10 points. The Russian delegation was indeed able to move past the Latvian women, but it was not enough for the overall victory. The second German women's team reached as many points as Latvia, but became fourth because of the better Buchholz system of the Latvian women.

We congratulate the winners and look forward to seeing everybody at the 4th World Senior Team Championship 2016 in Radebeul!

DSC 6255 Team Slovakia World Chess Champion 50
Team Slovakia World Chess Champion 50+

DSC 6399 Team Russia World Chess Champion 65
Team Russia, World Chess Champion 65+

DSC 6483 Gold Women Team Germany Bronce Team Latvia  Women
Gold Women Team Germany, Bronce Women Team Latvia


Half time Report
World Senior Team Championship 2015

On Tuesday, February 24th 2015, the 3rd World Senior Team Championship was opened with heartfelt words from FIDE Director for Seniors Dr. Dirk Jordan, welcoming all the players, followed by the procession of the flags from all 16 participating nations. Overall, 87 teams from as far as Argentina have found their way to Dresden, Germany.

As expected, the team England 1 50+ played exceptional chess in the first rounds and were able to keep their position on top of the younger group of seniors for 3 days. The sensation came in the fourth round. After dominating the 50+ group for the first rounds the English team had to surrender to their opponents from Slovakia on day 4. With this win, Slovakia is now leading the group and will defend their position during the next rounds. In section 65+ the team from Russia is on top. Right behind them are Scotland 1 and Germany 2. They are fighting to steal the first place from Russia.

But not only the championship is attracting attention. Yesterday's blitz tournament was another great event with many international players partaking. All in all there were 24 teams of two playing with a thinking time of 5 minutes and 3 seconds increment. The winners after 9 rounds of high class blitz chess were Keith Arkell and Matthew Sadler – forming the team „Young England“.

For all the players and accompanying persons not interested in indulging in more chess after the actual rounds there are many social events, put together by the organizers, to get their minds off of the last matches. The city tour on Thursday, designed to get to know the city of Dresden, was completely sold out and 40 people set off to walk on old paths and learn new things about the Baroque city. Another highlight was the ChessBase seminar held on Saturday, February 28th, by Mr. Martin Fischer, a representative of ChessBase. He introduced the new system „ChessBase 13“ and attracted more than 50 willing listeners. Later that day team captains and chess players alike got together to discuss current topics of Senior chess, an event hosted by Dr. Dirk Jordan. He was supported by Mr. Herbert Bastian, vice president of FIDE, and Mr. Johann Pöcksteiner, ECU Seniors Tournament Director.

Looking at the second half of the championship the question arising most is: „Who will be the World Champion in Section 50+ and in Section 65+?“

Audience at the Opening Ceremony
Audience at the Opening Ceremony

Opening Words from Dr. Dirk Jordan
Opening words from Dr. Dirk Jordan

Procession of flags
Procession of flags

Belgium - BSW Sozialwerk Dresden
Belgium - BSW Sozialwerk Dresden

Dr. Dirk Jordan with the team from Thu00FCringen
Dr. Dirk Jordan with the team from Thuringen

GM John Nunn England 1 - Josef Hu00FClsmann Mattadore  Rheinland
GM John Nunn (England 1) - Josef Hulsmann (Mattadore  Rheinland)

GM Lubomir Ftachnik - GM Nigel Short
GM Lubomir Ftachnik - GM Nigel Short

Winners Blitz Tournament GM Keith Arkell Matthew  Sadler
Winners Blitz Tournament, GM Keith Arkell, Matthew Sadler