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Wednesday, 15 July 2015 07:39
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Organizing Committee of FIDE World Chess Cup 2015 has launched an official website for the event:

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10th September:
° 18h00: Technical informational meeting for the participants, arbiters and officials (Fairmont Hotel)
° 19h30: Opening Ceremony at the Mugham Center. The transport from the technical meeting to the opening ceremony will be provided by the organizers.
11th September: Round 1, game 1
12th September: Round 1, game 2
13th September: Tie-break day
14th September: Round 2, game 1
15th September: Round 2, game 2
16th September: Tie break day
17th September: Round 3, game 1
18th September: Round 3, game 2
19th September: Tie break day
20th September: Round 4, game 1
21st September: Round 4, game 2
22nd September: Tie break day
23rd September: Round 5, game 1
24th September: Round 5, game 2
25th September: Tie break day
26th September: Free day on organizers' cost
27th September: Round 6, game 1
28th September: Round 6, game 2
29th September: Tie break day
30th September: Free day
1st October: Round 7, game 1
2nd October: Round 7, game 2
3rd October: Round 7, game 3
4th October: Round 7, game 4
5th October: Tie break day and closing ceremony on the evening

All games begin at 15h00 at the Fairmont Hotel.
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