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Monday, 23 November 2015 11:51

Acqui Terme2015

Round 11

With a quick draw against GM Evgeni Vasiukov (RUS), the leader of the tournament “Open +65” GM Vladimir Okhotnik (RUS) won the World Senior Chess Championship for the second time, after 2011 in Rijeka/Croatia. His final score was 9,5 points out of 11 rounds (8 games won, 3 draw). After big fightings on the other boards the second place went to GM Anatoly Vaisser (FRA) and the third place to GM Viktor D. Kupreichik (BLR).

We saw great fights in the last round on the first four boards of the section “Open +50”: GM Predrag Nikolic (BIH) won his game against GM Keith C. Arkell (ENG) and with therefore he won the title “World Senior Chess Champion 2015” in this category. On board two GM Eduardas Rozentalis (LTU) won his game against IM Fabrizio Bellia (ITA) and so he took the silver medal, ahead of GM Georg Mohr (SLO). All these three players didn't loose any game during the whole championship. GM Carlos Garcia Palermo became best Italian player with 8 points on the fourth place.

In section “Women +65” GM Nona Gaprindashvili (GEO) had yet won the tournament with her yesterday's result. In the last round she agreed to a quick draw and won tournament with 7 points out of 9 games (5 wins and 4 draws). WGM Tamar Kmiadashvili (GEO) won her last game and took the silver medal, while WIM Ludmila A. Tsifanskaya (ISR) drew quickly and took the bronze medal.

The women in section +50 had a strange tournament. WGM Galina Strutinskaia (RUS), WFM Petra Schulz (GER) and WFM Tatiana Bogumil (RUS) leaded after round 8 with 5,5 points each, but all three had not been able to win their last rounds game! Finally Strutinskaia with 6 points won the tournament, equally with three other players.

Final standings:

Open +50:
1. GM Predrag Nikolic (BIH) 9,5
2. GM Eduardas Rozentalis (LTU) 9
3. GM Georg Mohr (SLO) 8,5

Open +65:
1. GM Vladimir Okhotnik (FRA) 9,5
2. GM Anatoly Vaisser (FRA) 8,5
3. GM Viktor D. Kupreichik (BLR) 8

Women +50:
1. WGM Galina Strutinskaia (RUS) 6
2. WGM Marina Makropoulou (GRE) 6
3. WFM Petra Schulz (GER) 6

Women +65:
1. GM Nona Gaprindashvili (GEO) 7
2. WGM Tamar Khmiadashvili (GEO) 6,5
3. WIM Ludmila A Tsifanskaya (ISR) 6

Next World Senior Championship will be organized in November 2016 in Marianske Lazne, Czech Republic and in 2017 again in Italy with the same organizers.

Medal winners of “Open +65”

Medal winners of “Open +50”

Medal winners of “Women +65”

Medal winners of “Women +50”

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Round 10

With a secure draw against WGM Elena Fatalibekova (RUS) the great favorite of section “Women +65”, GM Nona Gaprindashvili (GEO) still leads with one point ahead the next players and with this result she will become World Champion 2015 of this category. Congratulation to Mrs. Gaprindashvili, the women's World Champion from 1962 to 1978 and now the 4th time Senior World Champion.

In section “Women +50” it seems that everything is possible: after round 8 we have three leaders with 5,5 points each, WGM Galina Stratinskaia, WFM Petra Schulz and WFM Tatiana Bogumil. Another four players with 5 points are behind this leading three players. In last round the top-game is Schulz vs Stratinskaia, while Bogumil hopes for a draw on the first board. In this case she had to beat WIM Helene Mira (AUT) for winning the Championship. Hard fights we will see!

In “Open +65” for sure we will have a French winner: GM Vladimir Okhotnik (FRA) managed a quick draw against GM Nikola Pushkov (RUS). With this result in last round he needs at least another draw to be sure to win the tournament. On the second place there is in any case the second player from France, GM Anatoly Vaisser. In the last round Okhotnik will play against GM Evgeni Vasiukov (RUS), while Vaisser plays against GM Algimantas Butnorius (MNC).

In the section “Open +50” the leader GM Predrag Nikolic (BIH) and his two closest pursuers GM Eduardas Rozentalis (LTU) and GM Georg Mohr (SLO) drew their games, but they remain still in leadership. The last round has to decide in this section. Nikolic has to play with white pieces against GM Keith C Arkell (ENG). Probably a draw is enough for him to win the tournament, but GM Arkell in this tournament won 7 games and lost 3, without any draw. What can he reach in last round against the great favorite?

Last round will start at 2pm, the price giving ceremony at 9pm.

Old and new World Senior Champion of “Women +65” GM Nona Gaprindashvili

GM Anatoly Vaisser with an important win in round 10

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Round 9

Yesterday the oldest participant in the tournament, Mr. Antonio Pipitone (ITA), celebrated his 89th birthday and at the start of round 9 all participants and officials congratulated him.

As the women had their last rest day we had only the open tournaments playing today.

In section “Open +65” the leader GM Vladimir Okhotnik (FRA) had to fight against one of his persecutors, IM Jan Rooze (BEL). In equal position Rooze refused a draw offer, but Okhotnik after series of precise moves, managed finally to outplay his opponent. So now he is leading by 1.5 points with two outstanding rounds. Maybe this win was already the decision on the title? We will see soon. Today, in round 10, he has to play against GM Nikolai Pushkov (RUS).

In the “Open +50” tournament the favorite GM Predrag Nikolic (BIH) also won yesterday against GM Alexander Ivanov (USA). He is still leading by half a point ahead of GM Eduardas Rozentalis (LTU) and GM Georg Mohr (SLO). Both of them had wins against GM Giorgi Bagaturov (GEO) and the surprising Yasin Hur (TUR). The winner of the tournament will probably be one of these three Grandmasters, but the final decision should be postponed until the last round. Today in round 10 IM Evgenij Kalegin (RUS) tries to stop Nikolic's run.

Italian Master Antonio Pipitone celebrated today his 89th birthday

GM Eduardas Rozentalis, actually on 2nd place in “Open +50”

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Round 8

In the section “Open +65” it seems that GM Vladimir Okhotnik (FRA) cannot be stopped. He had yesterday an important game against GM Viktor Kupreichik (BLR) with black pieces in round 8 and he won. Now he leads with 7.5 points, one point in front of the field. This is not a final decision on the win, because still we have 3 rounds remaining. Behind there are 3 players: GM Anatoly Vaisser (FRA), GM Nikolai Pushkov (RUS) and IM Jan Rooze (BEL) with 6.5 points. Another six players follow with 6 points.

In section “Open +50” the top seeded GM Predrag Nikolic (BIH) won his game against GM Carlos Garcia Palermo (ITA) and thus he has the sole leadership. Half a point behind are GM Eduardas Rozentalis (LTU), GM Alexander Ivanov (USA) and GM Georg Mohr (SLO). Today Ivanov and Nikolic will play on first board.

Two rounds ago WFM Tatiana Bogumil (RUS) was leading by 1.5 points in the “Women +50”, now it is history. As she has lost her game against WGM Galina Strutinskaia (RUS) Bogumil still is in front, but now with same points as WIM Tsiala Kasoshvili (GEO). Another 4 players follow with half a point behind. Everything is possible in the last two rounds of the women’s tournament.

GM Nona Gaprindashvili (GEO) won again in section “Women +65” and leads one point ahead of WGM Valentina Kozlovskaya (RUS) and 1,5 ahead of another 2 players. In this tournament as well we have two rounds to play.

Yesterday there was the second blitz tournament with 36 participants, won by GM Georg Mohr (SLO) with 9 points out of 9 rounds, in front of IM Guillermo Llanos (ARG) 6,5 and FM Carlo Micheli (ITA) 6.

WIM Helene Mira celebrated today her birthday

GM Predrag Nikolic (BIH), new leader in Open +50

First three of second blitz tournament (on the left side the organizer and the arbiter)

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Round 7

The Senior Director of FIDE Events Commission, Mr. Dr. Dirk Jordan from Germany, is now present to inspect the event. On start of round 7 he gave the best wishes from FIDE to all participants.

After the rest day the players showed great fighting spirit.

WFM Petra Schulz (GER) was able to stop the winning streak of WFM Tatiana Bogumil (RUS). After five wins in first 5 rounds Bogumil lost yesterday against Schulz, but she is still leading in “Women +50”, now only with half a point in front of Schulz.

In section “Women +65” GM Nona Gaprindashvili (GEO) took again the leadership with 5 points from 6 rounds. WGM Valentina Kozlovskaya (RUS) had a draw yesterday and is now the only one with half a point behind Gaprindashvili, because the other co-leader, WGM Tamar Khmiadashvili (GEO), lost against WFM Ludmilla Tsifanskaya (ISR). Still three rounds to play, everything is possible!

In the section “Open +65” GM Vladimir Okhotnik (FRA) continues to win, but as well his tightest pursuers, GM Anatoly Vaisser (FRA), GM Viktor D. Kupreichik (BLR) and IM Jan Rooze (BEL). So now Okhotnik still leads with half a point in front of the others. Today GM Kupreichik will try to stop GM Okhotnik on the first board.

The leader of section “Open +50”, GM Eduardas Rozentalis (LTU), draw with GM Alexander Ivanov (USA). Now we have three leaders. GM Predrag Nikolic (BIH) and GM Georg Mohr (SLO) together with GM Rozentalis have 6 points each. Today on board one we will see the match Rozentalis vs Mohr, while Italians player GM Carlos Garcia Palermo (half point behind) tries to take points away from GM Nikolic.

GM Georg Mohr (SLO), co-leader in “Open +50”

WFM Petra Schulz (GER), actually place 2 in “Women +50”

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Round 6

Round 6 started with birthday wishes to three participants: Mark Rubinstein, Mordehay Shamis (both ISR) and Milton Kasuo Okamura (BRA).

In section “Open +50” we saw a quick draw between the leader and second in starting list of the tournament, GM Eduardas Rozentalis (LTU) and the number one in starting list, GM Predrag Nikolic (BIH). With this draw the Lithuanian player managed to keep his sole leadership with 5,5 points. He is half a point ahead of five other players, all with GM-title and all (except Nikolic) winning in round 6. In round 7 Rozentalis has to play with black pieces against GM Alexander Ivanov (USA).

For “Open +65” the match on the top board between the two French players GM Vladimir Okthotnik and GM Anatoly Vaisser as well ended up in a draw. Okhotnik with this result safed the leadership with 5,5 out of 6. With 5 point we have 6 players in the ranking after 6 rounds, 2 of them with GM title, 3 IM and the surprising FM Anibal Aparicio (ARG). Tomorrow in round 7 he has to play against former Senior World Champion Anatoly Vaisser? We will see ...

WIM Tatiana Bogumil (RUS) continued to win in section “Women +50”! Now she is the only player in the whole event with still 100% of points (5 points out of 5 games). Yesterday she was one of last who finished her game by winning against WIM Tsiala Kasoshvili (GEO). After this 5 rounds she is leading with 1,5 points in head of a group of 3 players, two of them she already played! In round 6 there is the chance for WFM Petra Schulz (GER). Will she be able to stop Bogumil's train?

Finally in section “Women +65” it seems that everything is possible. Three players leading with 4 points out of 5: GM Nona Gaprindashvili (GEO), WGM Valentina Kozlovskaya (RUS) and WGM Tamir Khmiadashvili (GEO). Gaprindashvili already played against Khmiadashvili, but must play against one of other favorite WGM Elena Fatalibekova (RUS). On the other side Kozlovskaya is still playing against Khmiadashvili. No one knows who has the strongest remaining rounds.

Monday 16th November there is the rest day of all tournaments, on Tuesday the tournament will go on.

WIM Tatiana Bogumil (RUS) – leader in section “Women +50” after round 5 with 5 points

IM Jan Rooze (BEL) winning in round 5 in 20 moves against IM Valentin Bogdanov (UKR)

Nice trophy’s are wainting the winners

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Round 5

As a strong sign of solidarity the fifth day of the tournament started with a minute of silence to remember the victims of terrorist attacks in Paris.

Let’s give you some numbers to the event:
in all 4 tournaments together we have 18 GM, 34 IM, 7 WGM, 7 WIM, 34 FM and 5 WFM for a total of 105 titled player, that’s more than 30% of the participants from 49 different countries!

After round 5 of Open sections and round 4 of Women sections in all 4 tournaments we have a sole leader.

In the section “Women +65” the favorite GM Nona Gaprindashvili (GEO) was hold in a draw by WIM Tamara Sorokina (RUS). This lost half point by the favorised women helps WGM Valentina Kozlovskaya (RUS) to take the lead in the tournament. Kozlovskaya won agaist Irina Kabanova (RUS).

WFM Tatiana Bogumil (RUS) continues to win in section “Women +50”. Yesterday she had a win against WIM Nino Melashvili (GEO) with black pieces. The only one who is close to Bogumil is WIM Tsiala Kasoshvili (GEO), who beated WGM Svetlana Mednikova (RUS). So she is only half a point behind the leader. Today we can follow the direct fight for the leadership!

In section “Open +65” the two players representing France, GM Vladimir Okhotnik and GM Anatoly Vaisser, won in round 5 and are now front with 5 and 4,5 points - today we have in this group as well the direct match. Until now only GM Viktor D. Kupreichik (BLR) is close to the two French players, but there are 14 players with 4 points who wait for a false step of the leaders.

The most important match yesterday in “Open +50” was IM Roderick M. McKay (SCO) against GM Eduardas Rozentalis (LTU). After a hard fight GM Rozentalis, playing with black pieces, managed to win and now he takes the lead with 5 points out of 5 games. Today on first board he has to fight against the highest rated player GM Predrag Nikolic (BIH). Behind them there are another 10 players with 4 points including the outsiders FM Daniel Izquierdo (URU) and IM Aitkazy Baimurzin (KAZ).

Leader after round 5 in section “Open +65” GM Vladimir Okhotnik (FRA)

Leader after round 5 in section “Women +65” WGM Valentina Kozlovskaya (RUS)

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Round 4

Because the women play two rounds less yesterday was the first rest day for them.

In the “Open +50” eight players started with 3 points out of 3 games, the two fights between grandmasters ended up in a draw, but in the other two games the two Italian players lost: GM Eduardas Rozentalis (LIT) won against IM Fabio Bruno and IM Roderick M. McKay won against IM Fabrizio Bellia.

Now these two winners are in the lead and will play each other in round 5, while with 3,5 points now we have 6 players, 5 GM and 1 IM.

In the next grandmaster-fight of the day the Italian player GM Carlos Garcia Palermo won with black pieces against GM Vasily Malinin from Israel.

In section “Open +65” the top-seeded GM Anatoly Vaisser (FRA) had a hard fight with GM Viktor D. Kupreichik (BLR) and had finally to agree in a draw. As GM Vladimir Okhotnik (FRA) and IM Craig W Pritchett (SCO) both won with black pieces, these two players now lead the tournament with 4 points and in fifth round they have to play each other.

In the first boards of both sections today we find players from Scotland … what happened? Maybe they play Scotch opening to overplay the opponent? Perhaps it is the Scotch whisky, which makes them so strong? We'll see what happens in the next round.

IM Roderick M. McKay (SCO), one of the two leaders in „Open +50“

GM Vladimir Okhotnik (FRA), one of the two leaders in “Open +65”

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Round 3

The third round of Senior Chess Championship in the section “Women +65” we had the big match between the two former Senior World Champions WGM Valentina Kozlovskaya (RUS) and GM Nona Gaprindashvili (GEO). After a great fight the game ended up in a draw. As WGM Elena Fatalibekova (RUS) lost her game against WGM Tamara Khmiadashvili (GEO) the two former World Champions are still leading with 2,5 points out of 3 games.

In section “Women +50” WIM Tatiana Bogumil (RUS) won her game against WGM Marina Makropoulou (GRE). Therefore after 3 rounds she is the only player with 3 points. The other big match between WIM Tsiala Kasoshvili and WIM Nino Melashvili (both GEO) ended up in a draw.

Today is the first rest day for the women.

In Open +50 IM Roderick M. McKay (SCO) after 35 years again played against GM Keith C. Arkell (ENG) and he was able to beat the favorite. GM Arkell is the European Senior Champion from 2014. Such stories only World Senior Championships can write! The other favorites in this age group were able to win their games and so we have 8 players leading with 3/3. Today in round four we see the first fights between grandmasters.

In the section “Open +65” two of the top seeded players, GM Anatoly Vaisser and GM Vladimir Okhotnik (both FRA), won their games again, while IM Vladimir V. Zhelnin (RUS) was held in a draw by FM Boris Gutkin (ISR). Now we have 7 players leading with the maximum of 3 points. Today in round 4 we will see the first grandmaster-fights in this age group.

Yesterday evening the first blitz tournament took place. 42 players participated. The tournament was won by the two GM Keith C. Arkell (ENG) and Georg Mohr (SLO) with 7,5 points out of 9 games, followed by IM Sergey Smolin (UKR) and IM Evgenij Kalegin (RUS), both with 7 points. It should be pointed out that the two WIM Elena N. Sazonova and Tamara Sorokina (RUS) finished with 6 points and shared the 6th place in the tournament.

winneres blitz 1
The winners of the blitz tournament

The top match WGM Valentina Kozlovskaya (RUS) - GM Nona Gaprindashvili (GEO)

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Results of BLITZ tournament

Round 2

In second round of Senior Chess Chamipionship in Acqui Terme the first great surprises happened:
in the Open +50 FM Boris Furman (RUS, 2218) won against number 5 seeded player IM Michael Wiedenkeller (LUX, 2454) and Reinhard Blodig (GER, 2147) beat IM Suat Soylu (TUR, 2377). Other favorites mostly won, some of them, as the highest rated player GM Predrag Nikolic (BIH) and GM Alexander Ivanov (USA), after a long and complicated fight.

After round 2 only 21 players had two wins.

In Open +65 the former World Champion Anatoly Vaisser and the other favorites still continue winning their games. Vaisser had a nice tactical combination (28… g3! - it’s worth to have a look on this game!). In this age group there are as well only 23 players with 100% of points. Today in round 3 the first fights of grandmasters against international masters will follow.

The World Champion of 2014 in the section Women +50, Mrs. Svetlana Mednikova (RUS) started with two draws. In the lead there are three players with 2 points from 2 games: WIM Tsiala Kasoshvili, WIM Nino Melashvili (both GEO) and Tatiana Bogumil (RUS).

In the round robin tournament of section Women +65 the three favorites GM Nona Gaprindashvili (GEO), WGM Valentina Kozlovskaya and WGM Elena Fatalibekova (both RUS) are leading with 2 points. In round 3 there will be the great fight between the two top-seeded players of this section: Kozlovskaya against Gaprindashvili.

The participants enjoy the local gastronomy: it’s characterized by simplicity, and is made up of dishes that are created by using only local seasonal products.

Typical dishes from the local cuisine are a fine selection of starters, among which the salami “Filetto Baciato of Ponzone” an absolute delicacy, cacciatorini, lard, peppers with bagna cauda and a variety of savoury cakes stand out. Among the first courses are tajarin served with a mushroom or game sauce, agnolotti al plin, polenta, cisrò, farinata, and among the second courses fresh local meat, bollito misto mixed boiled meat, rabbit, braised meat, tripe, but also stockfish, finanziera a traditional Piemontese stir-fry and bagna cauda. The local area also boasts a long tradition of small workshops that produce desserts using two typical products from the land: hazelnuts, cultivated in the Bormida valley, and chestnuts, whose woodlands cover most of the local territory. Other local specialities are amaretti, that are still produced following an ancient recipe, baci di Dama, brut e bon and acquesi with rhum.

87 years old participant FM Grigorij Vagner (RUS)
arbiters organizers
Arbiters and Organizers 

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Round 1

For the 6th time Italy is hosting the World Senior Chess Championship. After Arco 2001 and 2010, Lignano Sabbiadoro 2005, Arvier 2006 and Condino 2009 this year the seniors had been invited to the city of Acqui Terme (nearly 20.000 inhabitants) in northern Italy, between Genova and Torino. It is one of the principle winemaking communities of the Italian DOCG wine Brachetto d'Acqui.

The organizers, IO Cristina Pernici Rigo and IO Michele Cordara found a perfect playing room, the Convention Center of Acqui Terme. 305 players from all continents are fighting from 10 to 21 of November 2015 for the World Champion titles of in the categories “Open +50”, “Women +50”, Open +65” and “Women +65”. For all open sections there will be a 11-round swiss system tournament, for women +50 a 9-round swiss system and for Women +65 a round robin tournament with 10 participants. Thanks to the contribution of the local chess club and the Italian Chess Federation 30 games are transmitted live on Internet.

12 former Senior World Champions are participating this year:

Open tournaments:

Evgeni Vasiukov (RUS, winner in 1995)
Algimantas Butnorius (MNC, 2007)
Anatoly Vaisser (FRA, 2010, 2013, 2014)
Vladimir Okhotnik (FRA, 2011)
Jens Kristiansen (DAN, 2012)

Women tournaments:
Nona Gaprindashvili (GEO, 1995, 2009, 2014)
Valentina Kozlovskaya (RUS, 1996)
Tamar Khmiadashvili (GEO, 1998, 1999, 2003, 2010)
Elena Fatalibekova (RUS, 2004)
Galina Strutinskaia (RUS, 2011, 2012)
Yelena Ankudinova (KAZ, 2013)
Svetlana Mednikova (RUS, 2014)

Chief Arbiter of this tournament is IA Werner Stubenvoll (Austria), the other Arbiters are IA Gerhard Bertagnolli (ITA), FA Italo Vittorio Ginevrini (ITA), FA Purity Maina (KEN), FA George Pramateftakis (GRE) and NA Narcisa Mihevc Mohr (SLO).

Top seaded players are the well-known grandmasters Predrag Nikolic (BIH, 2603) in the Open +50 and Anatoly Vaisser (FRA, 2505) in the Open +65. Both started the championship with a secure wins, as well as most of the other favorites. Only a few players had to agree in a draw. Real great surprises have not been in the first round. Surely next rounds will bring some more surprises, follow us!

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