Sevan Muradian R.I.P. Print
Friday, 19 February 2016 07:59

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FIDE regrets the death of Sevan Muradian, Secretary of FIDE Rules Commission, at such young age and sends its condolences to his family.

Please see the condolences from the Arbiters' Commission here.

Condolences from the Rules Commission

It was a real shock for me when I read about Sevan Muradian's death early in the morning in the Internet. It was not only unexpected, but also terrible because he was at peak of his activities. To say that I'm sorry, it's the same as to say nothing.

On my behalf and behalf of FIDE Rules Commission members I express our sincere condolences over Sevan Muradian’s passing away. A nice person, devoted friend, popular chess figure and finally good specialist in his field. He was full of new ideas and proposals and had interesting vision about chess development. Ideas that unfortunately remained unaccomplished.

Last year we had Rules Commission Councillors’ meeting in Armenia. On this occasion in line with other sightseeing we went to Lake Sevan. He was so proud of visiting the lake the name of which was given to him at birth. He confessed me that he was happy as fulfilled the dream of all his life.

We refer our deepest sympathies to the members of Sevan’s family. They have irreversible lost.

Rest in peace, our young friend.

Ashot Vardapetyan
On behalf of FIDE Rules Commission