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Wednesday, 03 May 2017 07:57

Zone 4.2 Youth Team Championships
April 15-23rd 2017


The Zone 4.2 Youth team Championships 2017 were held in the luxurious hall of Oshwal Academy Mombasa from 15thapril (arrival) to 23rd April 2017 (Departure day).

The organizer was Chess Kenya, under the auspices of the African Chess Confederation (ACC) Mombasa Chess Club.

The Schedule of the Championships was as follows:
The 1st round started on Sunday 16 April at 15:00. The last round (10th) was played on Saturday 22nd April at 09:00.
Wednesday 19th was a free day.

The Opening and Closing Ceremonies and the Technical Meeting were according to the program.

All games were played in one playing hall at the Oshwal Academy.

The playing hall was good, with adequate conditions of light, good network of fans and ventilation, spectators were not allowed in the playing area, but they were allowed to watch the games from the spectator’s area.
All facilities were available in the playing hall.

System of play and Time Control:
The championship was played using a Swiss double round robin format with each game rated at 90 minutes with an increment of 30 seconds from move one.

There were 29 participants from 03 Federations (Kenya, Uganda and Tanzania). Further details could be found here: 

Pauline UGA
Pauline (Uganda)

Krishi Shah (Kenya)

Tie-breaks: The tiebreaks are as shown in the rank table, follow link below. 

Arbiters/ Organizers:

All Arbiters were appointed by the Organizers. They were very good in their duties and I had an excellent cooperation with all of them. All of them showed sufficient knowledge of the Laws of Chess and of the regulations, sufficient knowledge in handling the electronic clocks and responsibility in doing their duties, proving that they are capable to work in such high level.

I would like to express my thanks to the match Arbiter Duke Michieka (KEN) the Tournament Director, Stephen Ouma for their high level commitment.
A great deal of appreciation goes to Dr. Philip Mwashe and his Wife Judy Kiragu who struggled so had to have the event succeed.

Appeals Committee:
The appeals committee was appointed at the technical meeting:
Ms. NamwanjeRobinah Olga (Uganda)
Mr. Kara Loius (Tanzania)
Mr. Andiwoh Moses (Kenya)

No appeal was submitted.

Technical equipment:
The equipment used was of the required standard.

The participants (players, coaches, delegations, etc.) stayed in the hotel provided by the Organizers.
The conditions provided by the hotel were very good.

Prizes were distributed according to the invitation. In Addition, each participant received a certificate of merit/participation.

Mombasa Zone 4.4 Youth team closing
(The closing ceremony was presided over by GM Arnand Viswanathan)

The tournament was very successful.

FI, FA Christopher Turyahabwe
FIDE Id: 10000810 Chief Arbiter

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