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Monday, 05 June 2017 08:37

The 1st June 2017 will remain a red-letter day in the Mauritius Chess Federation archives as it marked the official launch of the "Chess In Schools" program at the Moka Government school. This project which will concern eleven primary schools in its initial phase, is the result of the synergy of three parties namely the Government of Mauritius, the Mauritius Commercial Bank Group and the Mauritius Chess Federation.

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Mr Bhowany President of MCF stated that the CIS was in the pipeline for some years but although we had the backing of the Ministry of Youth and Sports and Ministry of Education the funding was lacking and only when a big corporate sponsor the MCB Group showed its interest to support the program that this dream project was turned into reality. There was a festive mood at the Moka Govt School as the kids were excited to be the focus of the island, the MCB did not cut corners to make this event a fantastic success. Their Communication team was already there 3 hours ahead of the event,erecting a tent to host the event,displaying 2 giant video size screens with the beautiful CIS logo. The venue filled rapidly with kids, teachers, media crew, MCB and MCF members as we approached the launch time,with an anxious Head Mistress of the Moka Govt School readying to welcome the distinguished guests. Mr Gilbert Gnany the Head of Strategy of MCB group was the first to arrive, followed by Minister of Technology, Communication and Innovation Mr Yogida Sawmynaden and finally Mrs Leela Devi Dookun-Lutchmun the Minister of Education. All three praised the initiative by the MCF to put an innovative learning tool at the service of our Youth. The old academic system has served us well but we are living in a changing world and our education system must evolve and adapt to this new situation.


Mr Yogida Sawmynaden told the pioneer schools present namely Moka Govt School, New Bambous Geoffroy Govt School, Flic en Flac Govt School, Cascavelle Govt School, Maha Rishi Dayanand Saraswati Govt School, St Hubert Govt School, St Francois D'Assise RCA, Charles Telfair Govt School, Notre Dame de Mont Carmel RCA, Robinson Govt School, Louis S Coutet Govt School, that they were lucky to be part of this first batch of schools who have embraced this program as this initiative is sure to attract much more than 10 schools nationwide next year,it could soon become victim of its success. Mr Gilbert Gnany said that this program relates well to the bank values of Knowledge, Innovation, teamwork and excellence. He told the kids to get ready for the end of year "MCB Chess In Schools Championship" where attractive prizes will be on offer. A little girl told us that she heard that the top prize will be an air ticket to Reunion Island, well we never know MCB has already shown what a quality sponsor it is. The biggest bank of the island has already offered 10 chess sets, 10 Planet Chess booklets, 1 demonstration board as well as 2 clocks of the latest DGT 3000 version all branded with their logo, to each of the 11 selected schools.

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The Bank has offered a show by celebrated TV Millionaire game presenter Raj and his team, provided a lunch pack to all the school kids as well as a reception to all guests.There was a video film of the Moka Govt school kids and their parents where the latter praised the game of chess for the progress in their kids results, their attitude and for making them much more responsible.

The MCF will abide by its commitment to the program by providing regular refresher courses for the teachers involved in the CIS program, will despatch a regular coordinator to visit the schools monthly and will be on call to solve any problems that they encounter. The MCF will also help the sponsor MCB to organise their Championships, will send FIDE trained local trainers to coach the best students at least once in the calendar year, will liaise with the Ministry of Sports and Ministry of Education to help in any initiative that will enhance the success of this program.

By sending 2 senior ministers to the event the Government of Mauritius has shown its commitment to the CIS project, the sponsor MCB group dispatched a very senior management figure in Gilbert Gnany for the launch, the media was there in force to cover the event and all the selected schools sent their representative. In this context the MCF has no right to fail them as this project goes beyond producing chess masters or champions, its educational and social aspect supersedes the sporting one.

A video link to the launch ceremony by ION NEWS

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