Insight Interview with GM Esftratios Grivas Print
Monday, 14 May 2018 10:52

Grivas1Name: Esftratios Grivas
Date of birth: 30th of March 1966
Place of Birth: Aegio, Greece
Place of Residence: Athens

Current rating:
EG: 2468 and going down 

Future rating:

EG: Zero!!

Your favorite color:

EG: Black

Your favorite food:

EG: Sushi

Your favorite drink:

EG: Gin

Music you like to listen to:

EG: Pink Floyd

The best non-chess book you ever read:

EG: (I will spit on your grave) by Boris Vian

The best chess book you evert read:

EG: Grivas Method 

Your best result ever?

EG: Silver medal in Olympiad 1988. It was important for the team.

Your best game ever?

EG: Minasian – Grivas Ankara 1995 is the most interesting.

The game that you wished to be the winner of?

EG:Serper – Nikolaidis 1993 in the place of Serper !

Your favorite square?

EG: It must be d4.

Your favorite piece?

EG: Bishops are nice. Also I play very good Rooks endgames.

Your Favorite/idol chess player(s)?

EG: Rubinstein

What distinguishes you as a chess player?

EG: I am logical.

Who or what would you like to be if you weren’t yourself?

EG: I am Givas. So I would like to be Efstratios :) Be yourself.

Which person or personality you would like or wished to meet?

EG: Einstein is an interesting person.

Your strong point in your personality?

EG: I am egoist and persisting.

Your weak point in your personality you like to remove?

EG: I am carried away sometimes.

Your favorite place in the world (or like to go to)?

My country is great but also Maldives. The sea is important for me. I like to fish sharks. Sometimes they fish me J (Grivas was attacked by a shark during his stay in Dubai 2014-2016 – CK)

Your aim/target in life?

EG: Helping my children achieving their dreams.

A hobby that you would like to learn/practice?

EG: I like sports but you must go with the age.

What chess gave to you?

EG: Pleasure first of all.

What chess took from you?

EG: Nothing. I am very happy with it.

What you like to change in the chess rules?

EG: Nothing.

Your message/advice to Fide/?

EG: No message to FIDE. What I like to do I do.

Carlsen, Caruana, or?

EG: Unclear match. No Preference.

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