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Monday, 25 February 2019 12:30

FIDE Trainers Seminar in Cologne Germany 2019

A FIDE Trainers' Seminar was organised by the German Chess Federation in Cologne, Germany, from 14-17 February 2019.

The following titles were proposed to be awarded and will be subject to endorsement by TRG and final approval by the FIDE Presidential Board at their meeting in March 2019.

No Name ID FED Title Proposed
1 Kewin, Högy 24647098 GER FT
2 Hendrik, Möller 24604917 GER FT
3 Ulrich, Dirr 4614194 GER FT
4 Andrej, Dubkov 4686411 GER FT
5 Mario, Ziegler 4653670 GER FT
6 Lars, Urban 4644034 GER FT
7 Philipp, Müller 24683701 GER FT
8 Julian, Maisch 24699370 GER FT
9 Andreas, Vinke 4644662 GER FT
10 Martin, Grünter 24640352 GER FT
11 Ketino, Kachiani-Gersinska 4623614 GER FT
12 Olga, Birkholz 4640971 GER FT
13 Anita, Stangl, Dr. 4600881 GER FT
14 Andreas, Jagodzinsky 4636961 GER FT
15 Carmen, Voicu-Jagodzinsky 1206729 ROU FT
16 Jaroslav, Turbin 4192745 RUS FI
17 Sarah, ShaMieh 5302196 LEB FI

The lecturer was FST & GM Adrian Mikhalchishin, Honorary Chairman of the FIDE Trainers' Commission.

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