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Wednesday, 25 March 2009 00:00
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The FIDE Trainers' Commission is pleased to announce the FIDE Trainer Information & Resource Centre at which can also be accessed from the front page of

Originally an initiative arising from the meeting of the then FIDE Trainers' Committee at its meeting held on 18 November during the Dresden Congress to promote the work of professional trainers, has now been greatly expanded to also faciliate and support the development of the chess training industry.

Stakeholders and the public will find useful articles documenting the Benefits of Chess, Scholastics Chess, Gender Issues and Talent Development as well as a Hall of Fame featuring legendary trainers.
Besides information about seminars and courses for professional trainer development and the activities of the FIDE Trainers' Commission, www.getchesstraining also promotes the FIDE Regional Academies, lists all FIDE certified trainers in its Trainer Database (still an ongoing exercise), and provides the FIDE Trainer community with a Member Forum for the exchange of ideas.

We call upon and welcome all members of the FIDE Trainer community to participate and perhaps even to offer their services to help make our FIDE Trainer Information & Resource Centre a success!
In the pipeline (very very soon) are services in partnership with other industry leaders such as "Play and Learn" with ICC to offer a place for students to play training games that can be analysed by top trainers through "Ask A Trainer", and "Lessons on Demand" starting with FIDE Senior Trainer Susan Polgar where students can get the very best lessons available via video based training.
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