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Tuesday, 29 August 2017 08:54

15 EU Chess Championship 2017 1

On Sunday, August 27th culminated in Kouty nad Desnou (CZE) fights for winning EU Youth Chess Championship 2017.

The last rounds were full of fights and tension. In category Boys U8 took the first place Kamil Warchol (POL), the second place Alexandru-Mircea Butolo (ROU) and the third Peter Grabs (GER). In category Girls U8 took the first place Karin Novomeska (SVK), the second place Martina Sosovickova (SVK) and the third Iva Fezova (BUL).

Champion EU in category Boys U10 has become Bartosz Fiszer (POL) with 9 points out of 9 rounds! Silver medal took Robert Prieb (GER) and the third place took Nikola Kanov (BUL). In category Girls U10 has won Lucia Kapicakova (SVK), second place took Maria Kovarikova (SVK) and the third place took Adrianna Staniewicz (POL).

15 EU Chess Championship 2017 2

In category Boys U12 has won Daniel Dardha (BEL), second place took Tymon Ochedzan (POL) and the third place took Michal Jares (CZE). Champion EU Girls U12 has become Lucia Sevcikova (SVK), the second place took Ema Obada (ROU) and the third place took Nadya Toncheva (BUL).

15 EU Chess Championship 2017 3

In category Boys U14 has won Krzysztof Szczurek (POL), the second place took Bence Leszko (HUN) and the third place took Valentin Mitev (BUL). In category Girls U14 Champion EU has become Liwia Jarocka (POL), who won the whole tournament! The second place took Maria Malicka (POL) and the third finished Monika Marcinczyk (POL).

All results can be found here.

Players who took first three places in each of categories got a cup and diploma. Every participant of EUYCC got a medal. All eight champions EU are leaving Kouty nad Desnou with a notebook! The next five players in each category also got valuable prizes. Every player got a T-Shirt with logo of EUYCC. The prizes were given by director of the event Mr. Zdenek Fiala together with the tournament director of ECU Mr. Petr Pisk and director of the hotel Dlouhe Strane Ms. Ivena Svedova.

15 EU Chess Championship 2017 4

Before Sundays finale there was a rematch simultaneous game with IM Pisk. There were seven players, who had as Petr Pisk 20 minutes on their clocks. The result was 6:1 for IM Pisk (draw was made by Ida Oztuksavul (TUR) and only six years old Vihan Velagapudi (FIN).

EU Youth Chess Championship 2017 under the patronage of the ECU was organized by Sachovy klub Svetla nad Sazavou in cooperation with the Czech Chess Federation. Boys and girls have played in the same tournament. Eventually boys and girls were evaluated separately. Championship had 119 players from 14 federations. All games were on-line transmitted. Young players have been pleased by awarding best game of each round. Thanks the performance during the round eight to nine these players were rewarded: Jan Tokarcik (SVK), Robert Prieb (GER), Deyan Samuil Kostov (BUL), Valentin Mitev (BUL), Zdenek Taus (CZE), Simona Bochnickova (SVK), Ruben Lutz (GER) and Emilia Dylag (POL).

For all participants and accompanying persons organizers had prepared chess and non-chess leisure time activities (simultaneous games with IM Pisk, blitz tournament). Participants of the championship had available many leisure time activities. In the hotel they could use swimming pool, wellness, sauna, table tennis, bowling, pool, etc. On the official website organizers placed photo gallery from tournament and other activities.

Eventually I would like to thank all players for their performance and fair play, all parents and coaches for cooperation, arbiters for running the tournament and all cooperators for their work. Hope you enjoyed together with us this championship and believe to see us again the next year!

IO Zdenek Fiala

Director of the championship
Chessclub Svetla nad Sazavou

Official tournament website 

Already seven rounds were played within EU Youth Chess Championship 2017! After the round 7, the leader in category of boys and girls in U8 is Kamil Warchol (POL, 7 points out of 7 games!), in category U10 Bartosz Fiszer (POL, 7 points out of 7 games!), in U12 Daniel Dardha (BEL, 6 points) and in U14 Bence Leszko (HUN, 6 points).

All results can be found here

Daily there are awarded the best games of each round elected by IM Pisk. Due to the high performance during the rounds 5 – 7, awarded players are: Kamil Warchol (POL), Matej Elbek Musaev (SVK), Tatana Nespora (CZE), Anna Pasti (HUN), Daniils Harlamovs (LAT), Adrianna Staniewicz (POL), Wilhelm Grunert (GER), Idris Asadzade (GER), Philipp Leon Klaska(GER), Maria Kovarikova (SVK), Matas Indriunas (LTU) and Niclas Hommel (GER) .

On Saturday morning there will be return simultaneous game with IM Petr Pisk.

In the hotel there is a lot of possibilities to enjoy the leisure time, daily is possible to play table tennis, football, bowling, use the swimming pool, wellness, etc. Thanks to the good weather, all participants are using the beautiful surroundings of Hotel Dlouhe Strane for walk and relaxation.

15 EU Chess Chmp3

EU Youth Chess Championship 2017 is underway. The level of the event is very good - in category U8 is leading Kamil Warchol (POL, 4 points), in U10 Bartosz Fiszer (POL, 4 points), in U12 Richard Stalmach (CZE), Tymon Ochedzan (POL), Michal Jares (CZE) and Vladimir Bochnicka (SVK) all with 3,5 points, in U14 Bence Leszko (HUN, 4 points).

Since beautiful and combative games are seen, the organizers award best games in each category with prize every day. After the first four rounds Iva Fezova (BUL), Bartosz Fiszer (POL), Michal Jares (CZE), Zsofia Gombocz (HUN), Alexandru-Mircea Butolo (ROU), Andrei-Octavian Ulian (ROU), Tymon Ochedzan (POL), Richard Turcan (SVK), Martina Sosovickova (SVK), Nikola Kanov (BUL), Vladimir Bochnicka (SVK), Bence Leszko (HUN), Karin Novomeska (SVK), Adela Janouskova (CZE), Richard Stalmach (CZE) and Andrea Slaba (SVK) have been awarded.

Additional programme started on Monday with simultaneous game against IM Petr Pisk. 13 participants of our championship had 30 minutes against the same time on the clocks of IM Pisk. After a big fight the score was 9-4 for IM Pisk. Ida Oztuksavul (TUR), Felix Jordan (IRL) and Utkarsh Gupta (IRL) beated IM Pisk and draw was made by Kamil Warchol (POL) and Richard Stalmach (CZE).

On Tuesday there was a blitz tournament, where 22 players (players of EUYCC, coaches, parents) from 10 countries participated. After excellent performance the winner became Daniel Dardha (BEL, 9 points out of 9 rounds!) ahead of Arben Dardha (BEL, 8 points - lost only to his son) and Richard Stalmach (CZE, 6 points). All winners received nice presents. Results can be found at here.

Among others leisure time activities, participants of this tournament mostly visit and use swimming pool, bowling, table tennis and enjoying the beauty of the nature in surroundings.

All games are transmitted on-line, so the parents and trainers either at home or present in the hotel can watch their charges. For present viewers the on-line games are projected in the hotel hall.

All information about the event, including results, online games, photos, etc. can be found at here

IO Zdenek Fiala
Director of the championship
Chessclub Svetla nad Sazavou

On Saturday August 19th, in the Hotel Dlouhe Strane in Kouty nad Desnou in the Czech Republic, the 15th European Union Youth Chess Championship U8, U10, U12 and U14 will begin.

European Union Youth Chess Championship 2017 under the patronage of the European Chess Union is organized again by Sachovy klub Svetla nad Sazavou in cooperation with the Czech Chess Federation and continue in previous successful years.

15 EU Youth Chess Chmp

Boys and girls in each category play the same tournament. Eventually boys and girls will be evaluated separately. The rate of play is 90 min for the whole game + 30 sec increment for each move played. There will be 9 rounds, one round every day. This prestigious event attracts many young chess players - this year there will be 121 players from 13 national federations, out of them 105 players are from abroad.

For player’s parents and all chess fans the organizers prepared on-line transmissions of all games! We would like to thank our colleagues from the Slovakian Chess Federation for their help with transmissions. Visitors in Kouty nad Desnou can watch the games also in projection hall of the Hotel Dlouhe Strane.

All participants can use the leisure time activities offered by the hotel, such as pool, wellness, bowling, billiards and table-tennis. In Velke Losiny (10 km) there is a new aquapark opened or there is a possibility to see new The Sky Walk in Dolni Morava.

On Sunday August 27th we are going to know eight new champions of EU for the year 2017. For the winners of each category of boys and girls, there are prepared notebooks and for the 2nd and 3rd places in each category digital chess clocks are prepared. All participants will receive memorial diploma and medal for their place. Every player will receive at least one price because everyone will be awarded with a T-shirt with the logo of the championship. After each round there will be announced best game of each categories awarded with material price.

15 EU Youth Chess Chmp2

IO Zdenek Fiala
Director of the championship
Chessclub Svetla nad Sazavou