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Wednesday, 06 June 2018 02:03
Photo by Eteri Kublashvili
Photo by Eteri Kublashvili

On June 5th, the fifth round of the 49th final tournament of the open all-Russian scholastic chess team event Belaya Ladya (also known as White Rook) was played in Dagomys (Sochi).  

The Indian chess players defeated schoolchildren from Moscow 4-0 to lead the race with 18.5 points. The team from Sverdlovsk Oblast is 4 points behind. Romania, Mungolia and Nizhny Novgorod Oblast have scored 14 points.

Tournament on Chess-Results 

This year, 100 teams from 78 regions of Russia and 21 countries of the world will take part in the final event. Apart from schoolchildren from Armenia, Belarus, England, Estonia, Greece, India, Israel, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Latvia, Moldavia, Mongolia, Romania, Slovakia, there are also players from the Czech Republic, France, Germany, Kenia, Serbia, Sweden, and Turkmenistan. 

A team from orphanages and boarding schools is participating in the final competition for the fourth year in a row. Children from the Boarding School №26 from Ryazan Oblast, who won the Ascension tournament (Sochi, 2018), joined other participants in the Belaya Ladya final. 

Traditionally, a vast cultural and entertaining program will accompany the event. Master classes, lectures, games analysis, mind games, contests, and sport events will be organized. A two-time Russian champion, a three-time Olympic champion Alexander Morozevich, former European champion, coach of the Russian national women’s chess team Evgeniy Najer, and a two-time world champion in chess composition Oleg Pervakov will work with children. Coaches and pedagogues will be invited to take part in a roundtable discussions. 

On June 4-5, the all-Russian conference of  teachers and pedagogues of additional education, who were taking an active part in the Chess Universal Education in Russia contest, will take place in Dagomys during Belaya Ladya. 
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