The final standings of Pakistan 29th National Chess Championship 2014 Print
Saturday, 03 May 2014 12:07
Pakistan's premier 29th National Chess Championship completed successfully in Lahore on 30th April. A record number of players participated including two IM's one Candidate Master and 17 National Masters from all provincial chess associations.

Punjab women Chess champion Nameeqa Aslam also played in the championship which consisted of 11 rounds. IM Lodhi emerged as the winner scoring 10 points. He conceded just two draws. Ahmad Ali and IM Shahzad Mirza stood on 2nd and 3rd position. Both IM,s were matching each other in first half of the tournament and clashed in round 6 when Lodhi got the edge of Mirza. The d4 game transposed into Benko Gambit when IM Shahzad Mirza deviated on move 17 and his opponent lost no time in materializing a positional advantage. The gap of the lost point could not be shortened for rest of the tournamnet. Perhaps the best performer of the championship was Muhammad Bin Nasir (12). Muhammad was given a berth in the premier tournament on the basis of his performance in Junior Under 14 championship. He justified his participation by scoring 6 points. The Federation General Secretary oversaw the championship by his continuous presence in tournament hall and shortlisted the players for representation in Norway Chess Olympiad. At the closing ceremony, prizes were distributed by Federation President Abdus Salim and Senior Vice President Aziz Khan.

Final Standings are 1. Mahmood Lodhi IM 2. Ahmad Ali 3. Shahzad Mirza IM 4. Muhammad Younis 5. Mudassar Iqbal 6. Anwar Qureshi CM 7. Ahmad Naeem 8. Raees Ansari NM.

Round 1-Lodhi vs. Bacha Khan at table 1 while International Master Shahzad Mirza plays black on table 2.

Both IM,s tied with each other in sixth round and Lodhi won a game of Benko Gambit.

Two players from Balochistan.

Amjad Hafeez Bajwa in deep thought. He has represented Pakistan in 36th Chess Olympiads.

Anees Ur Rehman from Peshawar during 5th round.

Amir Zahoor Butt before starting his game with white in 4th round.

Mudassar Iqbal playing well in later half of the tournament took 5th positon in final standings.

Play during the 6th round of the championship.

7th round of Pakistan National Chess Championship 2014.

Ahmad Ali vs. Noman Mustafa in eleventh round.

International Master Shahzad Mirza beat Noman Mustafa in 5th round.

The best performer of the championship in a way is 12 years old Bin Nasir who scored 6/11.

Shafaq during 8th round.

Top position holders.

Dr. Naeem Hamid Mirza with Chess players and Manager from Balochistan Chess Association.Remotest and Least developed province of Pakistan.

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