74th FIDE Congress: Annex 15 - List of over-the-board titles awarded Print
Saturday, 21 February 2004 00:00
Here are the List of over-the-board titles awarded at the 74th FIDE Congress in Halkidiki, Greece


All titles where applications have to be published in FIDE web site for 60 days before final approval. GM ARM Minasian COND rtg ARM Nalbandian COND rtg AUT Stanec YES BUL Cheparinov NO, 1st Rc too low CAN Charbonneau NO, only 20 games CZE Voloshin YES ESP Moreno Carnero YES (Second norm pts is 6) ESP Narciso Dublan YES GER Doettling YES IND Chanda YES KAZ Katalymov NO, both norms not GM level LAT Meijers COND, a new norm presented, has to be checked POL Cyborovski YES RUS Bocharov YES RUS Grigoriants YES (rtg 2525) RUS Smirnov YES RUS Timofeev YES RUS Yagupov YES RUS Yevseev YES SCG Sedlak YES UKR Drozdovskij COND rtg and to see the details of tournaments At the congress IND Ramesh COND rtg IRI Bagheri YES, 3rd norm 2599 performance, but 2nd norm 0,5 overscoring, summary incorrect in Rc figures WGM BUL Djingarova YES GEO Javakhishvili YES HUN Grabics YES ROM Bogza YES RUS Gladisheva YES RUS Zimina YES UKR Muzychuk NO, 2nd norm not enough titled players, rtg low At the congress ESP Calzetta Ruiz YES IM ARM Kotanian YES ARM Petrosian YES AUT Miniboeck YES AUT Novkovic YES AZE Gouliev YES AZE Mamedov YES BRA Coelho YES BRA Vinicius YES CRO Topalovic YES CUB Hernandez YES CUB Quezada YES ENG Haslinger YES ESP Agustin YES ESP Bofill Mas YES ESP Fernandez Romero YES ESP Garza Marco YES ESP Jerez Perez YES ESP Llobel Cortell YES ESP Moreno T. YES FRA Abergel YES FRA Aleksieva-Collas COND rtg FRA Cornette COND rtg FRA Dunis YES FRA Gozzoli YES FRA Libiszewski YES FRA Maze YES FRA Neiman COND rtg, summary incorrect in 2nd norm FRA Philippe COND rtg FRA Sebag YES FRA Sermier YES FRA Wirig YES GEO Jobava COND rtg GEO Lomineshvili YES GER Braun YES (2440) GER Brendel YES GER Coenen YES GER Grafl COND rtg GER Roos YES GER Schulz COND rtg HUN Dembo YES HUN Reiss YES IRL Wall YES ISL Thorfinsson YES ISR Haimovich COND rtg KAZ Abilmazhinov COND rtg KAZ Sadykov YES MDA Deseatnicov COND rtg NED L’Ami YES NED Peek YES NED Van de Oudeweetering YES NED Wiersma YES POL Jaworski YES RUS Bukhtin YES RUS Doronin YES (2421) RUS Erushev YES RUS Gundjak YES RUS Ivanov YES RUS Kozyrev YES RUS Kryschilovskij YES RUS Savcehnko YES RUS Shkapenko COND rtg RUS Semenov YES RUS Yashtylov YES, 3rd norm presented in the meeting SCG Micic YES SUI Domont COND rtg SUI Kuemin COND rtg UKR Klenburg YES (2409) UKR Kuzubov YES USA Vigorito COND rtg At the congress ARG Lafuente YES (From Abuja) BEL Van Beers YES SCG Prodojevic YES SVK Lipka YES USA Ambartsoumian YES VIE Nguyen Ngoc COND, material missing, check cross tables WIM AZE Mamedjarova YES BLR Sharevich YES BUL Plachnikova YES CUB Callazo Hidalgo-Cato YES ESP Vega Gutierrez YES FRA Costagliola YES GER Kopylova YES GER Kunze YES IND Karavade YES KAZ Zigangirova YES LTU Turauskiene YES LTU Zaksaite YES LAT Rogule YES POL Guzkowska COND rtg RUS Meshcheriakova YES UKR Cherednichenko YES UKR Doluhanova YES Conditionals from Abuja GM HUN Fogarasi YES ISR Erenburg YES (2500) ISR Roiz UYES UKR Korobov YES WGM CHN Gu YES IM CZE Jirka YES CZE Klima YES (4th norm presented) CZE Sosna YES ISR Kundin COND details of Liberzon Memorial (foreigners/titled players) MDA Stepa COND details of ULIM’s Cup (foreigners) RUS Kashtanov YES RUS Kozlitin YES RUS Shchukin YES SCG Perunovic YES UKR Dmitrenko YES UKR Dovzhenko YES UKR Eryomenko YES UKR Kononenko YES UKR Zhizmer YES WIM GEO Melia NO, 1st norm not enough titled players UKR Dvoretska YES &rsquoFrom Bucharest GM CHN Ni YES WGM CHN Wang YES IM SLO Sebenik YES CHN Wang NO, 1st norm not enough titled players From Bled IM RUS Gubienko YES RUS Loktev YES RUS Kurnosov YES UKR Grabinsky COND rtg TKM Grigoryan YES YUG Pavlovic COND rtg From Moscow PB IM HUN Hajnal COND, a new norm presented, to be checked